Parlez-vous Français?

Any French speakers out there? I'd love to know what this says!


  1. " Integrating nature to your baby's room Photographer: With Two Cats

    Smooth tones, painted a tree that frames the bed, the owl landed on the furniture, baby Violet is sure to sleep in peace."


  2. If you copy it into word and do a translation from there it says:

    Review of blog: déco of rooms of baby

    To integrate nature into the room of baby
    Photographer: With two cats

    Of the colours all carefully, a painted tree which frames the bed, the owl posed on the piece of furniture, Violet baby is sure to be able to sleep with calms.

    >> See more photograph of this room on With two cats

    Of course, that is a very general translation.

  3. did you try google translator?

  4. I don't speak any french! But I do know spanish and a lot of languages are put together the same way...
    So my guess would be:
    Blog Review: Decorating the babies room!??

    I could be way off! But that is my guess:)
    And that is Violets room isn't it? You must have been featured somewhere:)



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