Friday Favorites


Completely obsessed with these dip-dye cups. I so need to try this one.

The laundry room over at YHL is looking so fresh and cute! Love the color scheme.

This home is just beautiful. Light, airy, and child-friendly:

Lots of people giving great blogging tips lately:
  1. Blogging as a Career
  2. On How to Grow Your Blog
  3. How to put tabs under your blog banner
  4. On Passion Following 
And a few amazing tutorials on achieving those lovely curly locks as well:
  1. Long hair
  2. Short hair
I just bought the most beautiful striped/ombre storage containers for only $14.99!
    I can't explain why but the whole characters/franchize/marketing thing for kids freaks me out as well. Don't get me wrong, my kid is obviously allowed to be VERY girly. I was a girly-girl and proud of it. It's the branding that I'm talking about.

    I can't wait til I can read chapter books to Violet. I've never read the original Wizard of Oz series (although I have read the Wicked series), but now I fully intend to.

    And I think I may just have a girl crush - I swear she could make a paper bag look good!

    Next week is guest blogger week I'll be attending a workshop with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and working on opening my Etsy shop. Stay tuned for amazing posts from lovely people. Happy Friday!


      1. I have that same ombre basket from the Container Store and I use it to keep the bags from flying all over my trunk after a trip to the grocery store. It works great for this!



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