Keeping Cool

I'm no scientist, but they may have something with this global warming idea. It's been over 100 degrees all week here in Central PA and poor Violet has been feeling the effects. The poor girl has been cooped up in our tiny home for way too long and we've resorted to getting creative with what we play with. Luckily this weekend, the temperature dropped into the 90's - imagine that! After playing with the camera cord for about fifteen minutes we decided that it was high time to get out of the house.

Now you all know that the Hubster is the cook in the family, but you may not know that he also has the green thumb.

Every day he dutifully waters our flowers and plants and keeps them looking lush and green. One of Violet's favorite things to do is to 'help' her Daddy with the flora and fauna. Today was no exception, so out we went and water the plants 'we' did! Here's how our little gardener keeps cool on a hot summer day:

I love to see her learning new things, and she's so darn cute with her little watering can! The Hubster would eventually like to plant a little vegetable garden, which I think would be an amazing experience for Violet. Learning about plants and animals and earth, growing something from a seed to a fruit or vegetable that we can eat - those are the experiences that matter. Those are the experiences that mean something and help to shape a person. (Not to mention that it would be just lovely to have tomatoes growing outside of my back door!) I'm loving our summer together as a little family of three. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I hope you are experiencing this much joy from your summer:

Stay cool!

P.S. Violet's little vintage sailboat romper is from here.


  1. Henry loves to "help" me too. He regularly drowns my potted aloe and my attempt at veggies and herbs was scooped, thrown and then doused with gallons of water to ensure nothing grew. I'm thinking container wall (up REALLY high) gardening might be the way to go. I showed him where the mint is though, he can't kill that and it smells good when he stomps on it :)

  2. Oh my, her sunsuit is just the cutest!! Glad you guys are finding ways to keep cool. It's super hot here in Maryland too.



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