A Little Animal Lover

Violet loves animals. She can spot one from about ten thousand miles away. Seriously, this kid of mine has some sort of animal radar. Birds, bunnies, squirrels, cats, dogs, ants, and butterflies - she loves them all. Sometimes I think she is part pointer (is that a terrible thing to say about your child?) When she spots an animal, she goes still, all focus on the little critter at large. She lifts her chubby little pointer finger in one swift motion and screams with pure and utter delight. And when we can't get close enough to give that bunny/squirrel/bird hugs - utter devastation.

That has been our general experience with the local wildlife. That was, until we went to the duck pond.

Seriously, these animals have no fear. Bring them a bit of pizza crust and they are on you like flies on...well, you know. Violet was thrilled. I, on the other hand, was terrified that one of her wee hands was going to get bitten right off. Luckily, after I quickly flung all the pizza crust far, FAR away from us, they realized we had nothing left to offer and waddled off.

I'm happy Violet was finally able to get her heart's dearest wish (other than, of course, a room full of pacifiers and freeze-dried apples). Oh I can't wait to take her to the zoo! And for the record - we had a deal that if she fell in the Hubster was going after her. Kidding! Yes, I would even brave a duck poo-covered pond for you my little girl.

Next time I'm bringing gloves. Thick ones.


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