Bling Bling.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and that those of you on the East coast weathered the storm safely. We got some rain but otherwise no issues. Violet was cooped up inside all weekend, but we still had fun. We got to chat with her Aunt Nikki and Uncle Dan in Australia via Skype and Violet showed off her favorite shoes (she picked them out herself):

(And yeah, she rocks her onesie on the outside of her pants in the morning. What can I say, she's a trendsetter.)

Seriously, this kid loves shoes. She's a little obsessed. She tries to wear my shoes, Kevin's shoes, our visitors' shoes - you name it, she'll wear it. We were in at Baby Gap a couple of weeks ago and she discovered these in one of the bins. You should have heard her little squeal of delight. You would've thought she had found a puppy or something. Would I normally purchase my child pink shoes with giant rhinestones surrounded by tulle? No. No I would not. But it had to be done. And it was worth every penny.

Here's to hoping that this week is a little drier and safer for all.


  1. I don't know the correct spelling of her name, but you may have an Amela Marcos on your hands.

    Love my shoe lover



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