Friday Favorites (Nikki's Picks)

And to top the week off, I hope you enjoy this special edition of Friday Favorites written by my sister, Nikki! She's posting all the way from Oz where she lives with her husband Dan and her four-legged friend, Possum (who is, ironically, a dog). Happy Friday everyone - see you next week! -Lauren

G'day Everyone!

Lauren's sister here, Nikki, all the way from Down Under! Lauren has asked me if I could do a Friday Favorites post this week and as much as I wanted to help her out - I was drawing blanks! How embarrassing for a graphic designer who is "supposed to be creative!" Maybe I felt uninspired because I am forced paid to be inspired every day at work...

I decided to leave it for a few days, and luckily, today I was able to come back and find some inspiration for a post! I hope you like it :)

I'm going to start with this modern Animal A-Z Poster I found on Etsy. Not only do I love the fact that they used a kangaroo for the letter 'K', but I also love the color scheme and very graphical look of this print. It would look great in one of the grey nurseries from Bron Bates' post on Wednesday.

Speaking of prints, how about this gem? (found here) Loving the funky shapes and such gorgeous colours. You beauty! (A bit of Aussie slang for ya)

I really want a pair of these Nike shoes - they are both sporty and casual (spasual?). Just my taste!

I fell in love with this gorgeous mustard yellow "Nolita Fairytale" dress by Etsy seller GinaMicheleEco. It appears as though her shop is gone now - good thing I bought the dress before she closed down! The model looks way better in the dress than me, but I thought it would be fun to share a pic of me (a "real" person) in the dress too :)

While I'm on a yellow kick, here's some pretty yellow wallpaper (found here), a yellow "present" print by Etsy seller blancucha and a cute yellow onesie (found here).

And last but not least, some food for thought... How good does this look?! (found here)

Well, that's all for now. That wasn't so hard after all! I hope you've enjoyed my picks and could find something here inspiring :)

Thanks for letting me help out La!


Your Sissy xo



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