Friday Favorites

Keep in mind that I have two weeks worth of links that I've been saving up to share with you since I was off last week, so this will be a bit longer than usual!

A very pretty party in the park.

A lesson in learning to be present, and a lesson that I wish I had pre-baby.

I've been overwhelmed with doll and dollhouse inspiration lately:
  1. A snug modern dollhouse complete with fireplace!
  2. Dollhouse to go.
  3. I want Violet's dollhouse to look something like this.
  4. The most amazing dollhouse...ever:

A very rad/manly bicycle (found here), and a very feminine/pretty pair of earrings (found here).

How to talk to little girls.

A beautiful bird garland (via Creature Comforts):

Congratulations to Sarah! I am so excited to follow her journey through pregnancy the second time around.

Absolutely adorable vintage-style jumpers (via Freshly Picked).

A DIY I may have to try. And from the DIY king and queen - Clara's fabulous closet makeover:

(And their laundry room is really lovely as well)

Happy Friday!


    1. That mousehouse doll house is amazing! It has inspired me to want to spray paint our dollhouse white and see what happens!

    2. Yeah that dollhouse is just insane. It almost makes me feel like a failure before I've even started lol!

    3. The dollhouse is fab! I am in love with the closet, mainly because we have a total of 4 closets in our house- 1 in each bedroom and 1 in the bathroom and they are only deep enough to hold hangers. :( I'd love to have a secret hideout closet for the kids to play in (and hide their gazillion toys).

    4. That first picture is adorable! Love it.



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