Missed You!


Hi everybody! I missed you so much while I was in Philly with the lovely Joy Cho (and forty or so other amazing and talented women). I so hope you enjoyed guest blogger week - thank you again to all of the guest blogging ladies (and Kenny) who held down the fort while I was gone.

While I did get a lot accomplished, I seriously missed blogging so much. It's such a creative outlet for me that I didn't really feel like I was on vacation at all. Stay tuned for the opening of my Etsy shop. I'm not quite there yet but I've made some serious progress. You all will be the first to know!



  1. It was such a pleasure meeting you! I will be contacting you soon about a mommy feature on my nesting blog...;)

  2. Pine Tree Home - thank you very much! Susan - so nice meeting you too! I'd love to work with you on your blog.



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