New Addition

I thought I'd show you our latest addition to the H-Haus dining room - a mini version of our table for Violet:

We originally purchased it for her playroom, but the Hubster placed it next to the window in the dining room, and it matched our table so well that we decided to leave it for now. Violet is absolutely in love with it and has already spent a lot of time at it playing with her puzzles, flashcards, tea set, and creating little masterpieces for the H-Haus:

I'd say it's the best $45 we've ever spent (the chairs were on sale for $9.99 each!) and the table may stay in our main living space indefinitely.

It's really important to us to make our main living space reflect the fact that a toddler lives here now too (without sacrificing aesthetics of course). Do you have nods to your children in the main living areas of your home? Or do you prefer to keep all of their things in their room or play space?

I'd love to know what works for your family!

P.S. Violet's top and skirt are C/O Tea Collection


  1. The location of the table is perfect! And she looks very happy and busy with at her new desk.
    My little one is ready for a little table and chair set too...and I plan to put it in the same front of window in dining room. She will be able to eat at it as well. She will like that independence.
    We do have the toys and games in the main living room. The kids like to be near me and play near me so the toys need to be near too. We have baskets w/ toys in a cube console (ikea) in the living room. And a few more baskets of mixed toys. Art supplies in dining room, on bottom shelf of buffet...

  2. You have to share where you found that set for only $45!

  3. So sweet! Great little sunny spot for Violet and as she gets older, I bet she'll use it even more! We have a similar table and chairs set set up in our dining room for our 3 year old daughter. I keep a selection of crayons/markers/colored pencils and some pads of paper, and hung some of her art above it. She loves it - she gravitates to her "art table" all the time while we're cooking dinner, pulling things together to get out the door, etc. It's especially helpful when the weather isn't so nice and there's more time spent indoors. Ours is from IKEA.

  4. We got the table at IKEA. It's this one

    The chairs were also IKEA and were extra cheap because they were 'Last Chance'. I don't see them on their website anymore, but maybe you could still find them in some stores?

  5. We keep most toys in the play room...however they all get tracked to the living room. I think I'm going to add some more toy storage to the living room. I feel kind of guilty that my kids can't "live" in there. I'm also building a play tent for the living pretty fabric, of course. = )

  6. We have a similar table and chair set in our kitchen where there is a free little nook. My son brings out his play cookware and uses it as a stove to mock my cooking. It's also great to color on or eat a snack at while I'm preparing dinner. We plan on building or purchasing a Waldorf style play stand to place in our living room so he'll a space of his own in there (something like this - As much as I'd love to keep our spaces as toddler-free as possible, it's just not fair to the little guy. Just more reason to find aesthetically pleasing play ware!

  7. Play rooms are a lifesaver! Otherwise I think our house would be overrun between the grandparents and neighbors. We try to keep the prettier toys in our main living space. I think that's the key to keeping your house from looking like a daycare. I bet your kids are going to love the tent!

  8. I'm too old to care about how it looks. Our largest and my favorite room has turned into an explosion of toys just for my favorite Granddaughter. Her name is also Violet. What a coincidence.
    Love you Violet


  9. I love this! I think I'll try to do this in my dining room. I have some old chairs from when I was a kid. They just need a fresh coat of paint. Can you tell me who makes the wooden ring stacker?

  10. The ring stacker was from Romp ( but they are under new ownership and don't seem to have it anymore. If I see it elsewhere I will let you know.

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