Room Study II: How to Create a Sophisticated Child's Space

In last week's room study, we looked at three spaces and talked about how the each of the rooms balanced very adult elements with the use of color, whimsical touches, and statement pieces. We're starting out today with a child's space from Lauren Liess of Pure Style home that I think gets it just right:

1. Color Palette - The neutral walls, carpet, furniture, and bedding are balanced by large doses of bright green in the curtains, rug, and throw.

2. Whimsical Touches - A faux zebra rug, toys, books, stuffed animals, and bird-shaped lamp all add to the childlike feel of the space. Large graphic patterns work great in children's spaces, like the leafy curtains that flank the daybed.

3. Statement Piece - The big statement in this room is definitely the lion wallpaper decal complete with chalkboard paint grass. These wallpaper cutouts are the perfect statement piece - the patterns are generally very grown up, but the animals shapes add the fun. (If you're looking for one, definitely check out Inke)

(Side note: If you're contemplating a jungle or animal theme for your child's space, take note of the tasteful way in which Lauren pulled it off in this space - she managed to include lions, leaves, monkeys, and zebra print without making the room feel overdone or cheesy.)

Our next room is from Viv over on Ish & Chi. She designed this amazing space for her son, Robert:

Color Palette - Whites and beige reign supreme in this room, but bright red accents throughout the space add the extra life that is needed in a child's room.

Whimsical Touches - Toys, a stunning tee pee, and children's illustrations make this space fun. And although you can't see them in these photos, Viv added the most adorable elephant sheets to the crib.

Statement Piece - A very grown-up settee is balanced by an entire wall papered in circus characters. (Another example of a theme done right. Circus enthusiasts take note!)

Last on the list today is a lovely little girls' room designed by Lotus Bleu Home Decor & Interior Design:

Color Palette - Pink and periwinkle set the tone for this sweet little girls' space. Although certain elements like the window treatments, nightstand, and even some of the pillows feel very formal, they work in a child's space because of their hue.

Whimsical Touches/Statement Piece - No toys, stuffed animals, or books are visible in this space. The cartoon-y (but not annoyingly so) elephant print serves double duty as both the whimsy and statement piece in this little girls' room.

So how are you all feeling about this group? What did I miss?

Stay tuned for more amazing spaces!


  1. Eva has that same teepee : ) So with that in mind, I love the second room! However, I love the colour palette of the third room.

  2. wow I love the first one, but the color scheme of the last room makes me want a little girl even more!! Beautiful.

  3. Lauren - I am so bad about leaving Google Reader and commenting but read every post you post (you're one of my most favorite blogs) and I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying this series! You're so inspiring and your eye for beautiful things always has me leaving your blog really refreshed and ready to tackle projects of my own. So, thank you so much for your fantastic posts.

    And as far as this group, I am so in love with the teepee. My husband and I have been thinking about making one for the corner of our son's room as a little reading nook.

    Have a great day!

  4. Great series. Any idea where the teepee could be found?

  5. Brandy - I think the teepee source would be on Viv's blog, Ish & Chi if you click on the link. Also I think Amber from Happiness is Eva has the same teepee.

  6. Danielle, thank you so much for the lovely comment! It made my day. I love teepee's - they're so much fun. We have one for Violet and if we had a bigger home it would definitely be inside!



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