Sweet Grey Spaces: Bron Bates of Baby Space

Bron Bates writes the incredibly inspiring baby blog Baby Space. It's full of beautiful photos of children's spaces, artfully curated children's products , and more recently, a chronicle of Bron's pregnancy. I came across Baby Space after Bron inquired about featuring Violet's nursery and have been smitten ever since. Today Bron is sharing some of her favorite grey children's spaces with us and talking about her newly found love affair with the color:

I have a confession. Back when I first started baby space (about whimsical interiors for wee ones), I had no idea just how amazing grey could be in the nursery.

Then I discovered Lauren's beautiful creation for wee Violet and I realised that when it came to the nursery, grey was the new black. Or maybe not black but the new pink. Or blue. Ok, the new white.

Over the last year a plethora of sweet grey spaces have been popping up. What exactly makes them work so well?

1. A grey background offsets brighter colours beautifully, especially warm tones of reds and oranges and the 2010 favourite : sunny yellow.

2. Grey brings added clarity to white accents. It's also a suitable partner in neutral-toned crime.

3. Grey adds a sophisticated, industrial edge to the nursery. We're design-savvy parents right? And we aren't content with blue for boys, pink for girls and want to step outside the traditional box into a space that we're happy to hang out in too.

4. Cue the timeless appeal of grey. Not a colour that can be 'grown-out' of and neutral enough to use for swinging holiday bunks for older kiddos or teens:

...or for the wee one's very first room. And rainbow bunting on grey? A new classic.

Want more grey? Check out Sawyer's fun nursery on baby space or revisit Violet's gorgeous room for a delightful refresher. Are you planning to go grey in the nursery?

Thanks for having me as a guest-poster Lauren! I can't wait to see what you do next for Violet's sweet playroom :)

Images from top to bottom as seen on: ohdeedoh, sarah jane studios, amy cluck on flickr, house thirty-six, buy modern baby, kjerstis lykke, buy modern baby, ohdeedoh and baby space.





  1. I'm so glad it's becoming norm to stray away from pink and blue. This way I won't be considered strange for doing something different, but I have to get pregnant first.

  2. Beautiful, I like them all xo

  3. Love all the grey spaces - especially the ones that mixes with bright colours like yellow, makes me want to paint the wall of my little boys nurseray....

  4. The baby rooms in a gary color looks just awesome.

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  5. This is a beautiful post! I never would have thought of grey for a nursery, but now I want to use gray if I have to decorate a nursery! I love the chevron pattern on the walls too.

  6. Thanks for having me Lauren! Have loved reading the other guest-posts too :)

  7. Thank you for sharing all of those gorgeous gray spaces Bron!

  8. Hi - Do you know where the circle pattern quilt in the picture with the big red R came from? I love the pattern of it and the colors and can't find anything similar.



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