Switching to a Sippy Cup

With Violet returning to the babysitter on Monday, we started a last-minute push to transition Violet from the bottle to the sippy cup this weekend. It's only her and three of her babysitter's kids, but one is a three-month-old and we thought that her sitter would appreciate it if she was a little bit more independent with her feedings, plus at this point she is 'supposed' to be exclusively drinking from a sippy cup anyway.

 [Our little lounge lizard]

She's done great with drinking water from a sippy cup, but whenever I would put her formula in it she'd look at me like I had two heads. Absolutely NO interest. We decided that a more firm approach was needed, so we withheld the bottle completely and only offered the sippy cup. She still wasn't interested so at the suggestion of a friend we went out and bought a different kind of cup.

It's called the three-stage sippy cup by Nuby and it worked like a charm. It's shaped like a sippy cup but has two different spouts - one shaped more like the nipple of a bottle and one more like the spout of a traditional sippy cup. We tried the nipple-shaped spout and she took right to it. The third stage is removal of the handles, but we're not too worried about that part as she does fine with or without them. I just thought I'd pass along the recommendation for anyone who is having difficulty transitioning their toddler from the bottle to a sippy cup. Now I may have to buy a few more so that I'm not constantly cleaning this one!


  1. I switched my baby to a sippy cup when she was 14 months old. It was too soon for her - she started sucking her finger. I wish I hadn't listened to my doctor. Oh well. Us Moms gotta listen to ourselves. Glad your transition was smooth.

  2. our transition has been hard (he is already 2) and he drinks everything but his milk from a sippy. I've withheld it for 4 days and he wont drink it unless is in the bottle. I'm going to give this cup a try. Thanks for the info.

  3. I also used the Nuby to transition both my kids to the sippy cup with great success--they didn't have the 3-stage version then, but the silicone sippy lid worked like a charm.

  4. Good girl Violet! You have made taken huge steps in all directions over the summer.
    Grammy loves You!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! Just purchased one for Shelby!

  6. Wow! Never seen one of these. Looks awesome.

  7. where do you find these? i need one so bad for my 2 yr old.. she absoulutly will not take a sippy at nite! walmart was no luck:(

  8. What a brilliant post, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  9. This pic cracks me up again.



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