Ten Beautiful Neutral Nurseries

I have to admit that I love color. When people ask my favorite? Well, I love them all! For the longest time I thought that neutral was just another word for boring. It wasn't until I discovered the blog world that I began to appreciate just how beautiful neutrals could be when they are used in the right way. Here are a few of my favorite neutral nurseries that won't make you yawn:

Texture is so important in a neutral space, and this nursery is full of it. The soft cowhide, textured wallpaper tree, wild pendant, and warm wood all pitch in to make this space a showstopper. And speaking of texture, I've always loved this beautiful textured bedding from Serena and Lily:

And the paper crane mobile installation? To die for. Another way to jazz up a room that doesn't have much color is to make a statement with the lighting. The Viva Terra Lotus pendant in this space found over on Decor Pad does just that:

And the stunning pendant by David Trubridge as seen in this space designed by Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes (found via Ohdeedoh) is a showstopper as well:

Natural light plays another part in taking a neutral space to the next level. The light streaming through the large window in this quiet nursery designed by Emma Reddinghouse (via Design Sponge) almost gives the room an ethereal feel:

A pop of color goes a long way too. The art in this little girl's room designed by Lulu De Kwiatkowski (via Lonny Magazine) takes it from boring and beige to cozy and playful in an instant:

Although the walls and floor in this space by Palmer Weiss (via Lonny Mag) are very neutral, color and whimsy is brought in through the accessories and art:

Traditional moldings juxtaposed with simple modern accessories make every detail shine in Lena Corwin's nursery:

This space could have easily been a boring beige box but parents Aubrey and Lindsay went big (literally) with an oversized plush giraffe and a large piece of whimsical art to make this nursery a true delight:

Mom Nikki Perisi hit it out of the park with this amazing neutral nursery for her son, Holden. The wall decals make a statement, the elephants add the fun, and the textured cowhide rug pulls it all together:

I don't think I'll be doing a room in all neutrals any time soon, but these designers and parents have certainly taught me that beige isn't always boring.

What do you think of neutral children's spaces? Do you think it's a missed opportunity to have fun with color or a smart way to create a soothing space that will grow with your little one?


  1. I love almost all of these, though I would add a few more pops of color!

  2. When I designed our nursery I went fairly neutral and though at times I've coveted more colorful spaces around the web, I think in the end, neutral was best for our first daughter. She got over-stimulated, cranky and impossible to get to sleep so easily that I'm glad the nursery decor wasn't a further hindrance to her sleeping. (With our second daughter we probably could have had orange and yellow stripes on the wall and it wouldn't have made any difference! :-)

  3. Violet's nursery actually has a lot of neutrals if I think about it, but I'm never happy in my own space without a dose of color. Strange because I am really loving neutral inspiration photos lately.

  4. I glad here, I like to all kind of animal in the room. Tree and picture are also looking great in the room wall.



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