After a Long Search...

I pulled the trigger and bought this:
It's a Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse kit called Christy's Cottage. I love the simple and traditional look, the cute stairs and front porch, and mainly the open floor plan. I feel like dollhouses can get very chopped up with little rooms and become difficult to actually play with. Since I want this to become a toy for Violet one day, I need it to be functional as well as pretty. The one thing I may not have space for is a kitchen, so I might eventually buy an 'addition'? Or just do a little kitchenette sorts - I mean, it is make believe, right? I also am not sure if I'm going to have a bathroom or just go with an office instead.

As far as price, Christy's Cottage retails for $199.99 and even with the 15% off that M&D is offering through the challenge it was too expensive for me. I was looking for something that was closer to $100. Then I did a Google search and found it on this site for $113.99 - score! And then I did another search for coupon codes and got an additional $5 off. Luckily the shipping was very reasonable as well.

In the end with shipping I ended up paying $128. Through Melissa & Doug's site the total cost (with the 15% off plus shipping) would have been $179, so I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

Now comes the fun part - decorating! Okay, I guess first I have to assemble the thing. Does anyone else out there have experience with the House that Jack Built wooden dollhouses? Do they go together pretty easily?

Wish me luck!


  1. So cute!! Oh how I envy all your baby girl mammas and your doll house fun! Maybe I'll turn a dollhouse into a GI Joe-style army barrack for Knox...
    You should totally play along with the Emily Henderson I'm a Giant challenge!

  2. I found a small, family owned company that made Barbie size dollhouses 3 or 4 years ago. My hubby assembled it and I decorated it! It was so fun!!

  3. OK you're totally making me want to join in the fun. hahaha. SO cute!

  4. You so should Reichel - your house would be amazing I'm sure!

  5. Why can't boys play with dollhouses? I say go for it! Make him a 'man' cave ;)

    1. I think boys should play with dollhouses. Especially if they can help put it together and decorate it. After all, there are plenty of male architects and designers, not to mention builders. Dollhouse play is very emotionally healthy for all kids. I think the stigma comes from the reference "doll" house (although, I also think it should be acceptable for boys to play with dolls too). Maybe they should be called model houses or sister had a Fisher Price "dollhouse" for her 3 young boys-whom are all now macho college boys! It was worn out by the time she had a little girl.

  6. That's what Daddy's are for. And maybe Pop Pops and Opahs.

  7. I love the house you decided on! Very cute and a GREAT DEAL! Once I started putting my house together, I wished I would of paid extra for one that was already put together!! LOL Looks like you have some great ideas for your house! I can't wait to see it! :)



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