The Flood

A bunch of you have written asking about the flooding situation here. Luckily our house was spared, but here are a few photos from our area - some taken less than a mile from our home:

For some it was just a few inches in the basement, for others, entire homes were engulfed and lives were lost. We consider ourselves very, very lucky. Please keep the flood victims in your thoughts and prayers. If you feel moved to do more, please go here or here.


  1. I didn't realize you were so close to us here in Central NY! It's so sad, isn't it? My in-laws drove through Binghamton last week and were devastated by the loss. I'm glad to hear that your house was spared.

  2. Jessica - actually I'm in Central PA, but still not too far. I don't think we got hit quite as badly as NY but it's still pretty bad for a lot of people here.

  3. Oh how awful...I'm so glad you all are ok.



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