Friday Favorites


Loving these custom silhouettes by Jennifer Delonge.

John and Sherry's blog makeover is so fresh and fun.

I'm kind of obsessed with these dipped chairs from BHG that Jenny posted about this week:

I'm filing this post away just in case I ever have a son.

The laws of supply and demand apply to sexism too.

Incredible boys' shared bedroom from Danielle Thompson of Thompson Family-Life:

Happy Friday!


  1. I'll never get over my love for silhouettes. My mind changes constantly but right now I want to do them in their current favorite colors but with cross-hatching. Someday I'll actually get it done!
    I read the "Manning Up" post. Having a boy who loves seemingly non-manly things is just as easy to adopt as having a tomboy daughter. I simply love that my oldest plays with his stuffed animals, doesn't like to play contact sports, enjoys piano lessons and gives me hugs in front of his friends just as much as I love that my 3 year old loves to constantly wrestle, pretend to drive fast cars and be a ninja.



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