Manuel Canovas Misia

Okay, so this fabric by Manuel Canovas keeps popping up on different design blogs, and every time I see it I become completely obsessed! It is a little lot out of my price range so I doubt it's going to end up anywhere in my home, but I've been trying to think of alternatives. Like crazy stuff, people. I saw this plain solid roman shade for instance and thought, maybe I could paint the design onto that? Not that I've ever painted/dyed/done anything remotely like that with fabric in my life...

Sigh, what's a girl to do?

Or I guess I could be less of a bother and just go with a different fabric? Suggestions?

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  1. I love that fabric too! I wish it didn't cost a small fortune. Couple of thoughts - you could set up a search agent on eBay and just be patient. Lots of designer fabrics pop up on there. That's how I got my Schumacher Chiang Mai that I used on my dining chair backs. Usually it's small qtys but it would definitely be enough to make a shade. What a happy shade that would be!! You might also try to search Spoonflower for something similar. Not the same...I know...I get totally obsessed with SPECIFIC patterns too. Good luck! If you paint that, you'll be my idol!

  2. My vote is to first give us a DYI fabric painting post, and then if that doesn't work out, buy the one you like. Wouldn't it be your statement piece?

  3. that's so pretty! i've got a couple suggestions of similar fabrics that came to mind. one is anna maria horner's loulouthi line, especially this one (etsy listing): and the other is sandi henderson's meadowsweet 2 line, especially this one (etsy listing): you can search flickr for real life examples of both used in projects to get a sense of scale, but i think they're both pretty large scale florals (i know the sandi henderson one is, because i've used it!). happy fabric hunting/making!

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