Post-Baby Style

After I had Violet I managed to shower every day but that was about where it stopped. I'd pull my wet hair back in a pony tail, throw on the first thing I pulled out of the drawer, and go. Then I'd see myself in photos with my adorable baby, and half the time I'd want to crop myself out. But it wasn't until I came across some photos of my grandmother that I really decided to make a change:

She looked so beautiful and chic in every photo and it made me want to try a little harder. I wanted to be able to look at photos of myself with my daughter and feel good about how I looked. So while I'm certainly no fashionista, I hope you'll humor me if I post about fashion from time to time. It's my little way of holding myself accountable to take a little time for me each day.

(Not to say that my style hasn't changed a bit since becoming a mom - this top was great for nursing and flats are definitely my friend these days!)

So what do you think - have you held onto your sense of style since becoming a mother? Or are you totally okay with keeping it simple and going for clean and comfortable? Do you have someone who inspires you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


P.S. Other mamas with style

P.P.S. One of my favorite fashion bloggers is opening up shop!


  1. I love all your grandma's outfits! It's funny that those styles are coming back in now with the high waists and the belts and the full swimsuit. I love them because they all hide the mom tummy!

  2. I just have one thing to say......I remember some kids of mine taking pictures of me in my clothes, making fun of them and sending them to "What not to wear". You know who you are.

  3. I'm a mommy to be within the next week or two or three (my due date is September 26th) so I can't report on my fashion approach then... but I definitely feel you on a pregnancy level! I was a ponytail and yoga pants and tank girl for a lot of my pregnancy because it was just comfier and less hassle to add on top of some pregnancy discomfort. And then when I started seeing highly unflattering photos of myself... I decided to stick in a little more effort so that when I saw (and shared) photos of my progressing belly... I didn't cringe at the rest of me!

    And I Love the photos of your grandmother. They're so gorgeous and sweet and young. My favorite is the bathing suit photo. :-)

  4. Yes the high-waisted thing is great! I hope it sticks around.



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