A few random photos from the camera that I haven't gotten around to posting:

Hubster's birthday:

I never thought I'd see the day:

Trip to the park:

Trying out some new shoes:

Sesame Street + bedhead:

"Blowing" bubbles:

Holding hands with Daddy:

My dad thinks that Violet has more photos of her at age one than he has had taken of him in his entire lifetime! My neighbors think I have a thing for photography. I tell them I have a thing for my kid. Seriously, isn't this what happens when you join the age of the digital camera with a mother who thinks her daughter is the cutest thing in the whole world?! Tell me I'm not the only one...


  1. Not to be all stalk-erish, but the playground looks exactly like the one we go to. I guess they use similar designs all over.

  2. You are not the Only one Lauren!
    My first born daughter I was the same way...26 years ago.
    God Bless you and your family.

  3. Well, I think she is just as cute as both of my girls.



  4. She is precious, Lauren, especially in that black and white photo asleep in the highchair! Really enjoyed comment by Grammy spoken as only a loving grandmother could.

  5. Definitely not the only one. I realised recently that our iPhoto library is half Charlotte (who is only 8.5 months) and half our life before Charlotte. That means I've taken more pictures of her in the last 8.5 months than my husband and I took for the seven years leading up to her! Good thing we have a lot of storage space on the computer!

    (PS: Charlie also has that blue Mexican looking top. It is the cutest!!)

  6. Love the Ipad Sesame Street watching. We do the same thing all the time.

  7. Yeah she's still too young for a whole program, so she just watches a song here and there. Basically the only thing I use that darn thing for lol!

  8. I noticed that Kevin and I don't take pictures of the two of us anymore! It's always Violet, him and Violet, or Violet and me.

  9. She loves her grandbaby! She actually took the high chair photo when she was babysitting for us one night.

  10. Glad to hear it! Everyone acts like I'm crazy for wanting photos of my daughter.

  11. They do look alike - I guess you never know! Do you live in Central PA? Probably is a common design though.

  12. You're definitely not alone, I take about a million photos a day, we actually have to buy another hard drive to house them!! :) xxx



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