Room Study IV: How to Create a Sophisticated Child's Space

We'll start off today with this horizontal striped nursery from Anyon Interior Design:

1. Color Palette - The room has a super neutral base with light gray stripes on the walls and a natural area rug, but the the accessories add fun blues and oranges throughout the space.

2. Whimsical Touches - Animals, animals, animals. On the pillows, in plush form, or in bronze - they're always welcome in a child's room.

3. Statement Piece - Simple enough, but in this case it's a pillow. A simple dog silhouette in fun colors. Without it the space loses a lot of its life.

I discovered this next gem from Jennifer Delonge over on Caitlin Wilson Design:

Color Palette - This space has a neutral base as well but the greens and oranges sprinkled throughout add the fun.

Whimsical Touches - The chalkboard paint on the lower portion of the wall and children's art mixed in with adult art are both great examples of child meets adult. I also love the rocking horse and tiny armchair.

Statement Piece - The statement piece in this room is definitely the daybed. Although the pattern could work great in an adult space, the fact that it is a high contrast geometric makes it perfect for a developing child and adds a lot of visual interest to the room.

And the last space for today is Jenna Lyons nursery featured in Domino Magazine via  A Cup of Jo:

Color Palette - This nursery is all about color and contrast. White walls paired with black; yellow and white on the ceiling; a splash of orange in the corner. Contrast is a great way to stimulate your baby's mind, as his or her vision is still developing.

Whimsical Touches - The mobile, bright orange chair and stuffed animals and toys sprinkled throughout the space all add touches of whimsy.

Statement Piece - The yellow and white stripes on the ceiling are such a happy touch and help to keep the black from overwhelming the space. Not to mention the fact that they will provide great visual stimulation for a baby without being too over-the-top.

I think that these three spaces struck the right balance between fun and sophistication - what do you all think?


  1. Love them all - my favorite is the last one. That ceiling is amazing!

  2. If our room had a ceiling I'd consider stripes for sure!



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