Someday I hope to have art from each of these talented women in my home.

So far I own original works or prints from three of the six!

Do you buy original artwork for your home? Who are your favorite artists?


  1. I definitely buy (or trade for) original art...It's so great to support the creative community (especially since I am part of it and I know I like when people buy my art!) and I think that choosing original art is a great way of saying who you are as a person and what speaks to you. I think purchasing art requires a true love of the piece which is also great from an artists point of view because you know that the buyer is really going to enjoy living with it! Some of my favorite pieces that I own are by artists Aubrie Costello, Jen Corace, Matthew Pruden, and Laura Graham.

  2. Katie @ ExplanationrequiredSeptember 22, 2011 at 11:49 PM

    Love Michelle Morin! Just picked up her All the Single Ladies flamingo print the other day.



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