Chit Chat & Stink Faces


Fun facts:

Violet is a girl of many faces - one of which the Hubster has dubbed her 'stink face'.

Violet likes to talk on the phone (sometimes she uses a calculator.)

If we talk 'baby talk' to Violet she will say it back to us. She's quite the conversationalist!

Current favorite words: Mommeeee, uh huuuuh, uh oh, NO!, more more

Signs: more, all done, thank you, sorry!

She's currently in love with: planes, helicopters, motorcycles, and trucks (she says 'vroom vroom!'), crunching leaves, saying hi to the neighborhood scarecrows, and sliding down sliding boards

Violet consumes anywhere from two to four eggs per day and copious amounts of apples and bananas.

We love our little girl!


  1. What an update! Great to hear about Violet and things she is eating. This milestone has taken on a whole new meaning.

  2. I love your little girl too!




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