One Thing.

I only have one thing to share with you this Friday in place of  my usual list of links. I saw this video over on Becoming Sarah and was absolutely horrified. I just kept picturing Violet in the place of this little girl and had trouble not balling my eyes out. Anyway, please check it out and keep it in mind:


  1. I must say, I'm very impressed with the men who actually tried to take action- they were ready to beat the crap out of that guy!! If I saw this happening I'll admit that a thought would go through my mind. I would think, "is that kid just mad at her dad so she's throwing a tantrum and saying awful things?". As for the other adults- looks like people need to be better educated. We live in a mind-your-own-business kind of society and that's doing more harm that good.

    I wouldn't be able to help myself and I'd at least go over to ask if everything was okay, because just approaching and saying something passive would likely be enough to send the bad guy running.

    Enough concerning matters have been dealt our way that my kids should know what to do if an abductor approaches them or they get lost and need to ask someone for help. I taught them that yelling, "help" isn't likely to get a response, especially in a neighborhood because kids are yelling all the time. They know that if the person is close enough to touch them that they need to start swinging and kicking, running and screaming, "the bad guy is trying to steal me" or "he has a bomb!" (or gun). Sensationalism is the way to go when you're in major danger.

  2. I thought the child yelling, "you're not my dad!" was key. Otherwise it is nearly impossible to tell if a child is being abducted or is throwing a tantrum. They look very similar. Maybe that is why so many people just walked by. I know that, as a parent, I would not want a stranger to get involved in my kid's tantrum situation, so I would not interfere either. I have had to carry my daughter kicking and screaming out of the park and I remember thinking during that situation, "Oh my goodness, I hope no one thinks I'm kidnapping her!" I will definitely teach my daughter to scream, "you're not my dad or you're not my mom," if a stranger tried to grab her. If I heard a child say that, I (hope) I would walk up and at least say, "Is there anything I can do?"

  3. I know at first glance it probably did look like a tantrum-y kid. Definitely will be teaching Violet was to yell in this sort of situation (God forbid). Once she starts saying more things than 'Mommy' and 'uh oh' that is :)

  4. You're so right about the sensationalism thing! Almost like how they teach you to yell 'Fire!' instead of 'Rape!' because more people will come to your aid.



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