Review: Bebarang

I don't know about you, but one thing I absolutely hate is spending a ton of money on an outfit for a special event that Violet will only wear once. It just seems like such a waste. So needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when Bebarang contacted me to review their products. Bebarang provides a service for parents in just such a position - visit their site, choose one of many pieces of designer clothing for your little one to use at your special event, and return it afterwards. Here are a few pics of Violet (with her cousin Max and her Grammy) in her special dress:

This is the dress that I chose for Violet to wear and was very impressed by the service. The dress arrived the day before our event in clean and pressed ready-to-wear condition. It fit Violet perfectly and she looked absolutely adorable in it! (Although, of course, I'm a little biased there). The day after the event I simply placed the dress into the return envelope that Bebarang provided and mailed it right back. Bebarang uses an eco-friendly laundry service to clean the clothing so that it is fresh and ready to wear for the next lucky little guy or gal.

The whole experience was incredibly positive and I would definitely consider using this service again for our next event. Check them out here, and thanks to Bebarang for the lovely dress!


  1. What a lovely baby and that dress....just adorable.....and the Grandmother....well I do believe Violet just loves her.




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