Steppin' Out Saturday 10.15.11

I've been wanting to participate in Steppin' Out Saturday over on The Haps for a while now, but I always forget to take pictures! I blame it on 'Mommy Brain' - you know, how your memory is completely hijacked by your kid for, oh say, THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I seriously feel like my brain is constantly on overload these days - just too many things to worry about, remember, and be responsible for. Seasoned moms - does it get better?

Anyway, here's what I wore on a sunny, breezy Saturday:
Forgot to include the earrings in the clouds (Mommy Brain - I swear, this is going to be my excuse for a LONG time. At least until Violet is eighteen.) I think they were from a friend's jewelry party. Maybe Premiere? Not sure. Not like you can really see them in these photos anyway. I also had the luxury of time to play with my hair. I decided to go with a braid (thanks to the Hubster for taking the munchkin outside to play this morning!) 

This sweater has quickly become one of my go-to pieces this Fall, I'm really in love with the emerald green color. I've also been wearing these shoes a lot - the subtle metallic gold goes with a lot. They're some sort of boat shoe/moccasin hybrid. I'd love to have this mini version for Violet (but I can't bring myself to spend $60+ on something she'll wear for a few months at most). 

I really get kind of weepy each time she grows out of her clothes. It's like I finally get a cute wardrobe going on for her and figure out what works and then I have to start all over again. Don't get me wrong - it would be totally fun if I wasn't such a cheapskate. Well, sorry about the complete rambling post. I blame it on...wait for it...Mommy Brain. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!



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