Give a Little Luxury: Christmas Gift Guide 2011

During the holidays I love to give my friends and families little luxuries - things that they may see and admire, but might not buy because it just isn't practical. Let's face it, in these economic times we only buy the things we need, but everyone needs a few luxuries now and then - a silk scarf, a pretty painting, or a beautiful book. Here are a few of my current favorites:

Plus a few Friday Favorites:

If this isn't the most adorable video ever! Note to self: get Hubster to edit together some of Violet's videos.

I've been thinking a lot about how much technology I want to expose Violet to lately - what is appropriate and what is. Then I read this post and it was like Kenny was in my brain...creepy.

And kind of obsessed with this wedding.

Super cute shared room (scroll down). (via)

Been feeling this way lately. Another note to self: Plan date night with Hubster.

Happy Black Friday!


  1. I love the gift guide for guys. I always struggle with what to get my hubby but this gave me an idea or two.



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