Nursery Idea Board No. 3: Black Apple


clockwise from top left: striped rug, mobile, damask curtains, flowers collage, solid curtains, rocking chair, bandit dolls, cloud cushion, crib sheets, flowers poster, lamp

I came across these cute little bandit dolls from The Black Apple and they served as the inspiration for this latest idea board. Neon red, black, and creamy neutrals are one of my favorite color combos right now, so I'm pretty excited about this one. And yes, there are two sets of curtains. I couldn't decide so I included them both. That's the joy of creating an idea board for yourself and not another person - it can purely serve as inspiration. This break has been refreshing for sure.

I could even picture something like this for my own home at the moment, although I'm not sure what the Hubster would think about it. Decorating is so much more difficult when you husband actually cares! ;) Does anyone else have that problem?!


  1. Totally have that problem. Mark is way to oppinionated about decor PLUS he is indecisive, making matters so much worse. Argh...

    phew, feeling better now that I got that out.

  2. I love the C&B rug and those crib sheets are adorable. Very cute details for a room they won't grow out of right away!



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