Violet's First Trick-or-Treat

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Last night was Violet's first time trick-or-treating. I have to admit that although I knew in theory that Violet would enjoy the kids, collecting candy, and knocking on doors, you never know what might happen with a toddler in reality - they are their own unique entity. Luckily theory and reality came together last night and we had a blast!

We crossed the first hurdle with getting Violet to wear her costume. We had 'practiced' a couple of times in the week leading up to Halloween and it was kind of hit or miss if she wanted to wear it or not. Luckily tonight was a hit and she put it on happily! Things were crazy so this is actually a pic from earlier in the week, but trust me that she was just as happy:

We hadn't gotten candy for trick-or-treaters because we were both planning to go out with Violet, but at the last minute the Hubster ran out for some chocolate because we both realized we probably wouldn't be out the whole two hours with a one-and-a-half-year-old. While he was gone I dug into our bin of Halloween paraphernalia and tried a few things on for fun. At first Violet wasn't a fan of my new look, but she warmed up to it pretty quickly:

With the Hubs back, we set off in search of front porch lights and candy with our fingers crossed that Violet would enjoy herself. Despite the fact that her ears kept flopping down in her face she left her entire costume on the whole time. Violet loved knocking on doors and showing people the baby kangaroo in her pouch. At first she was hesitant about the candy - her chubby little hand would hover over the bucket for an eternity before I would finally have to pick something out for her (lest the other trick-or-treaters tar and feather us). After a few houses though she caught on and would quickly snatch out a piece of candy with a smile and a wave at the giver. She had absolutely no clue that it was edible - she just liked crackling the paper in her hand, holding her prize up and gazing at it - very Gollum-esque and completely adorable.

Surprisingly she happily trick-or-treated for about an hour-and-a-half before we finally had to lure her back to the house with the promise of kitty cats and sippy cups. She wasn't too thrilled to be inside, but then I reminded her that she could check out her 'candies' and she was happy to oblige. We also gave out candy to a few last minute trick-or-treaters and she enjoyed greeting them at the door (although she was equally sad when they quickly departed)

We played in the dress up bin a little more before bedtime (which went much less smoothly than usual - I think she may have been a little wound up).

After the babe was sleeping soundly we had a late dinner of homemade chili and pumpkin muffins and I forced the husband to watch Garfield Halloween (our yearly tradition), although I let him skip The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. The sad thing about getting old is that I was only able to eat one peanut butter cup before I felt sick to my stomach. Sad, I know.

The great thing about getting old - having kids and getting to trick-or-treat all over again. I can't describe how amazing it is to see everything like it is new again through the eyes of your child. I am sooo excited for Christmas and for Halloween next year - I can't even describe how it feels.

I love my little kangaroo. Hope you had a great Halloween!


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