Happy 50th Mom!

Last night we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday! Her one request was a small party, so it was just our little family, but we had a ball!

Happy 50th mom! You are beautiful and we love you!!!



  1. I love the stir sticks and balloons! How did you end up making the shiny streamer part on the balloons? I would love to do that for my NYE gathering tomorrow!

  2. A few of you were wondering about the gold streamers on the balloons - I just purchased a gold door 'curtain' from my local party store and cut off a few of the strands. Then we just tied them onto the balloons and voila! Looks like the Geronimo balloon troopers from earlier. You could also order the larger balloon size to make it look even closer. (http://www.partycity.com/product/silver+black+gold+foil+door+curtain+8ft.do?sortby=ourPicks&size=all&from=Search&navSet=gold+stream+door)



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