Supermom: Bron Bates of Baby Space

    Bron Bates - Baby Space

This week's Supermom is Bron Bates of Baby Space! Bron is mom to two, soon to be three children - she's due in January! She formerly worked in the magazine industry and recently got into blogging so that she could stay home and spend more time with her children. Baby Space is full of inspiring nursery photos and products for babies and kids. Bron also blogs about her most recent pregnancy (she is the most beautiful and well-dressed pregnant woman - in fact she is my style icon for my next pregnancy). Read on to learn more about Bron and her advice on motherhood:

My creative compulsions got the better of me! Plus my partner is a total geek and was really encouraging of blogging ;) Before I had the preschooler I worked full time in magazine editorial and after he was born I found that I wanted to be a stay-at-home-mum and create and publish. Blogging was the answer. Without my partner's encouragement I probably would have just stuck to what I knew -- like freelance writing. Publishing solo without any team input was nerve-wracking at first but now I'm so glad I persevered.

Right now motherhood for me means that there are lots of people (okay, three people. Soon to be four :) counting on me in a positive way. It reminds me that the best of me is needed and appreciated. I also get super-excited when my kids do anything creative.

The isolation when the kiddos were babies; my friends are just now starting to have babies so I’ve spent many years being the only mum in my group. I like feeling connected (hello lovely blogosphere!). Sleep deprivation is also quite un-fun.

1) Maclaren Stroller. I loved my Maclaren Ryder as we could use it from birth and it was so light, sturdy and easy to fold up and down and cart around. I don’t think Maclaren are making the Ryder anymore but they have lots of other great models.

2) Baby wipes. Because baby spit happens. Usually on you, when you least expect it.

3) ‘That’s Not My’ books. We love reading! You can start off with these colourful, tactile board books from the get-go. We started with ‘That’s not my Pirate’. The Meg and Mog books are great too.

1) The Original Ergobaby Carrier. This should probably go in the ‘baby’ category but I used one for the first time with the preschooler when we were travelling in Asia earlier this year and it was brilliant. So comfortable to use as it puts the weight on your hips instead of your back. I plan to use one again with the new baby.
2) Colouring books or toy cars. Because wee ones need activities when they’re out and about.

3) TV. Specifically ABC for kids, the free to air educational kids’ channel in Australia. Educational programs from dawn till dusk. Because sometimes a mama needs some time to herself!

1) Camera. For capturing all those sweet moments. We splashed out on a Canon 7D when it was on sale and I love it.
2) iPhone. For checking all my fave blogs :)
  3) Sunglasses. For hiding the inevitable bags that come with sleepless wee ones.
I don’t! There was a period of time when I was working in the office, studying for my Masters, blogging, freelance writing, taking care of the kids and the mister and the house all at the same time. The house became a mess, I was on the computer all the time and it was kind of stressful. When we decided to have baby number three I deferred Uni and I just finished up office work a few weeks ago (I have ten weeks till the baby space baby is due!). I'm still doing a bit of freelancing but it’s for Cosmopolitan Pregnancy magazine so right on topic for where I’m at :)
Trust yourself, forgive your mistakes and remember that all your kids really want is to feel loved by you.
Is anyone really a supermom? In the blogosphere it can look like someone is living the perfect life but blogs, like magazines, are all about editing. Everyone has bad days, weeks (or years!) but most people don’t blog about that ;) Having said that, Miss James from Bleubird Vintage, Rubyellen from Cakies and Jenna from Sweet Fine Day all inspire me to continue investing in my home and my children. Their blogs present worlds that revolve around the love they have for their children while maintaining their own identity as creative individuals. Being a mum at home can feel very isolating and not at all pretty. They make it look pretty and make ‘pretty’ look achievable -- I think that’s a gift.
Thank you so much to Bron for taking the time to answer these questions so close to your due date! I especially love your 'advice to mom's' - Remember that all your kids really want is to feel loved by you. I'm going to keep that in mind when I'm feeling down on myself. To see more of Bron be sure to visit her over on Baby Space. XO,


  1. Thanks so much for the interview and your very flattering intro Lauren :)

  2. Wow... she is the most gorgeous pregnant woman ever! Love that cute belly picture!



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