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Danielle Hampton - Sometimes Sweet

This week's Supermom is Danielle Hampton of Sometimes Sweet. This pretty lady writes the most beautiful letters to her adorable son, Henry, always has amazing links and photos to share, and has the prettiest tattoos I've ever seen! Take it away Danielle!

Before I made the switch to blogger I had been writing in my beloved Livejournal since the late-90s, and before that I was the kind of girl who scribbled confessional diary entries (and angst-filled teenage girl poetry) each evening. So you could say that it's always been a part of me, in one way or another. When I made the switch over to actually "blogging" it was for a couple of reasons; one, most of my friend were making the switch and LJ wasn't as fun, and two, I felt like switching over to a blog was a little more "grown up." Plus, I love fresh spaces and I began Sometimes Sweet soon after one of my biggest life changes yet- getting married to my husband. 

My favorite part of motherhood so far as been seeing everything through my son Henry's eyes. It's amazing. I also think it's pretty neat to have all of these new traditions to celebrate during the holidays. I've always been very into days like Halloween and Christmas, but it takes on a whole new level of excitement with a little one around.

So many things. I think it's been the most joyful period of my life yet, but at the same time it can be pretty stressful and even scary. If I think too much about the reality of things, the what-ifs, etc. I can start to get really worried and wonder how I'll ever let Henry out of our house when he's older! The world is a scary place, and feeling unsure of so much unknown can be scary. 

1. Snuza. This is the best baby product in the world. I actually wrote an entire piece about this literal lifesaver if you want to check it out over on Hello Giggles (I write a weekly column for them).

2. Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. I had a c-section, so this pillow allowed me to have Henry up and away from my incision. I loved it.

3. Summer Infant Rest-Assured Sleeper. I loved the idea of co-sleeping, but I was too paranoid to actually get any sleep myself with Henry in our big bed with us, so this awesome little in-bed bassinet was the best thing ever. 

1. Red Lipstick. Perfect for those days you can't find the time to get ready but need a pick me up. 

2. Flip Cam. I seriously love ours and use it all the time. It's great having a handy little video camera around and we've managed to catch some great moments of Henry with it.

3. BOB Jogging Stroller. I love ours so much and it gets daily use. Any jogging stroller will do- it's just so nice to be able to get up and go get some exercise whenever the mood strikes!

I don't even know if I'd consider it "doing it all," but I think I do do a pretty good job of "doing most of it." ha. I'm busy- I stay at home full time with Henry, have a few writing obligations, and find that my schedule a lot more full than when I taught high school. I feel like I'm great at time management though, and I think that and my love for organization helps a lot. I plan our meals and utilize a schedule for writing so I stay on track, and both of these things are useful. My husband is very supportive also and makes sure I get an hour or two at the gym everyday if I want it, and this helps to clear my head and make me a little more productive. 

My best advice is to find the joy in your everyday, and carve some time out for you. I really feel like it's so important to get out and exercise, write, read, whatever it is you love. I think doing things like this really reinvigorate you and make you an even better Mom.

My own Mom for sure. She was (and is) an amazing elementary school teacher, kept our home so beautiful, cooked amazing meals, and managed to raise two girls to have good heads on their shoulders. She's truly my inspiration and the best Super Mom I know.

Thanks so much Danielle for sharing your insights into motherhood! And I'm definitely going to have to look into that Snuza for the next baby... If you haven't already checked out Danielle's blog - Sometimes Sweet, head on over - it's a must-read!



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