Ten Tips for Small Space Holiday Entertaining

In case you didn't already hear about it, I collaborated with Houzz.com to redesign my space for holiday entertaining. Since the H-Haus is teeny tiny, my focus was on rearranging and re-purposing to make room for guests. Seven other bloggers participated as well including Rubyellen of My Cakies, Ally of From the Right Bank, Kay of Kay Loves Vintage, Belinda of The Happy Home, Barbara of Hampton Hostess, Veronika of A Few Things from My Life, and Alicia of Atypical Type A.

I'd so appreciate it if you could visit my ideabook over on Houzz.com and leave a comment! Each comment counts as a vote and tomorrow is the last day of the contest! I'm currently in second place and trying hard to stay there. I could win $400 and one of my commenters will be randomly selected to win $100! Here's what I came up with:

Tip One: Smoke and mirrors! Plenty of light and reflective surfaces help a small space feel more expansive. Decorate with mirrors and metallics and turn on the lights! No need to dim them to create an intimate feeling when your space is already naturally intimate enough as is.

Tip Two: Open it up! Purchase a small table for everyday use that can expand for larger gatherings. A table for four is most comfortable and practical for our small space, but when we're entertaining we can open it up to seat six comfortably.

Tip Three: Go vertical and keep it simple. Keep your centerpieces tall for drama, but thin so that they don't take up too much valuable real estate on the table. I love this David Stark topiary from West Elm, but a few branches in a vase would work just as well.

We also kept the decor fairly simple - too much clutter only makes a small space feel smaller. 

Tip Four: Use what you have. Don't be afraid to use your sofa for additional seating - guests will appreciate the comfy and cozy atmosphere it creates. Just make sure your table is low enough to accommodate the sofa height.

Tip Five: Fold-up furniture. Still need more space? Any old folding table can look beautiful with the addition of a tablecloth. This vintage lace beauty lets guests know that they're not an afterthought.

Tip Six: Repurpose! Ottomans or a bench from elsewhere in your home can help to keep the room feeling open, while providing even more seating for guests. Or folding chairs with slipcovers would be just as great.

Tip Seven: Be flexible. We simplified our settings for this table to accommodate its narrow profile.  Everything doesn't have to be uniform to be beautiful.

Tip Eight: A space for the kids. A separate table for the kids can be tucked away in any nook or cranny near the main table, plus the little ones will love having their own special spot.

Tip Nine: Go buffet style. Serve your food buffet style to free up tabletop space. No buffet available? Use a TV stand, folding table, or even a desk.

Tip Ten: Get creative. Run out of space for a tree? A chalkboard tree or even a paper tannenbaum will look just as festive. And bonus - give your guests some chalk and they can help you decorate it!

If you think my ideabook is vote worthy, I'd so appreciate your comment (vote) on my ideabook here.

Thank you all soooo much!!!



  1. love the ideas. Left a comment too!

  2. Love these ideas! Here was my small space solution for Thanksgiving:


  3. Wow,i love the idea of this small space entertainment...Thanks to share this post here..It's really give me a pleasure..Nice to see this post or read something new at in this site..!!



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