Violet's Big Girl Room: Update

So Violet's play room is slowly transforming to become her big girl room. No - I'm not pregnant, but we do want to have another baby eventually and I don't want her to be making too many transitions at once. I'm hoping that as soon as she is ready to be out of her crib the room will be ready for her. (We'll see how that goes when the time comes - could be a disaster, but in my mind it sounds like a good plan!)

I've slowly been making purchases for her room and my ideas have evolved a bit since we first started the project. Here's the current plan:

So far I've purchased everything except for the curtains (which I may buy white curtains and DIY) and heart print (which unfortunately is no longer available, but I can always DIY it.) I am also creating my own larger version of a black botanical chart using an old map (wish me luck on that one!) and obviously have a slightly different dollhouse. I'm still looking for a mirror and the perfect vintage dresser on Craigslist. I'm thinking a coral color paint but it could end up natural wood as well - we'll see!

If you remember my original plan you can see that this one involves a lot more black - I'm so in love with black lately! I feel like it just adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise very girly space. Here are the sources:

Clockwise from top left: ribbon-edge drapes, terrarium prints, doily pillow, love pillow, rug, round flower pillow, botanical chart, bedding, bear doll, dollhouse, bear hook, squirrel lamp, heart print

So excited to pull it all together!


  1. How completely adorable! Those terrarium prints are beautiful! Definitely getting some of those for my little dude's room!

  2. I'm a strong believer that every room can benefit from some black. It's such a grounding and restful color for the eye, especially in a kid's room where color can get chaotic. Love all your selections so far!

  3. so excited to see it all together. i LOVE those terrarium prints...just bought a set for myself :)

  4. ThefeministhousewifeDecember 17, 2011 at 4:23 PM

    I absolutely love the board! So pretty! I cannot wait to see you pull it together!



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