H-Haus Year in Review & Goals for 2012: The Back Room

2011 was a year of slow but steady progress on the H-Haus. I thought I'd write a few posts to prove to myself that we have made some headway (little by little) and to figure out my goals for our home in 2012. We'll start with the room that has come nearest to completion:

The Back Room

The back room was the big transformation of the H-Haus this year. We started out the year with freshly painted walls and a new charcoal-colored sofa, and not much else. Luckily the Hubster and his dad are pretty handy and installed new hand-built cabinetry into our small nook:

Next came the wallpaper. After some serious debate about the proper way to hang it, it went up smoothly and added a fun burst of color and pattern to the otherwise neutral-Nelly room.

On the adjacent wall, we threw up some magnetic paint followed by chalkboard paint, which the Hubster then framed out with trim:

We left just enough space in between our new pillars of storage bliss for the Hubster's grandmother's desk. I never thought we'd have space for an 'office' in the H-Haus but it just goes to show even small spaces can have big function!

To add even more storage, we snagged ourselves a bookshelf from IKEA and shared a few tips on how to style it with...books! (mostly) Imagine that.

And after a loooong and intense rug search and two duds, we finally (I think I hope) found a rug that's going to stick around for a while:


And after a long wait and much debate, we decided on a photo of the babe to have blown up onto a canvas.

For Christmas we bought ourselves a bit of bling for our little antique desk: a shiny new iMac! 

And last, but not least, we installed a back-ordered long-awaited sconce and carved out a little space for more of our growing art collection.

Although there are still a few details we'd still like to add (a couple of throw pillows, a little touch-up paint, and a few more additions to our art wall) I'd say this room is pretty much finished! (Happy sigh)

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out which room has come sooo far but still has a looong way to go...


  1. Your room is gorgeous! Thanks for all the inspiration you provide here on your blog. Happy New Year!

  2. I love what you did with that room! That desk looks like that spot was made for it!

  3. I love this room! And I love your blog. I'm a first time commenter ;). Question---where is the white slipcovered chair from? I am looking for something similar. Happy new year!.

  4. I remember your big rug debate. It's so nice to look back to see what you have accomplished and you guys did a lot in that room.

  5. Love how this room turned out. You have great style. Question: Where did you purchase your sconce from? We are looking for something very similar. Thanks!



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