H-Haus Year in Review & Goals for 2012: Violet's Big Girl Room

Yesterday I shared the progress that we've made on the H-Haus back room. It's nearly complete and it's such a great feeling! Today I'm sharing the room that has come probably the furthest in a year, but still has such a looong way to go:

Violet's Big Girl Room

Another big (but still very incomplete) transformation of 2011 was Violet's big girl room. We've been using it as a play room for now, but when she's ready for it I'm hoping that it will be ready for her. We started with a pretty horrific before:

And needed pretty much a full overhaul. We ripped out the wall-to-wall zebra carpet, removed the animal-print-purse border, and exchanged the ginormous and ancient radiator for a smaller a less noticeable replacement. Next came some plaster-repair and dry-walling:

To get to where we are today:

A rug we purchased long ago from Anthropologie juuuust fit in the teeny tiny space. We hung up the banner that I made for Violet's first birthday party, threw in a few toys and an old chair, and called it a day. Since then I've slowly been gathering treasures here and there to finish the transformation from zebra bordello to a room fit for our little girl:

Etsy and the Land of Nod unearthed two pretty pillows and Lori Marie furnished the third as well as a pretty flower garland for the space. Since then I've gathered some terrarium prints, a lovely little pillow, a dottie quilt, a plush little dancer, a dollhouse made-with-love, a sweet little hook, and a squirrelly little lamp.

2012's to-do list will include:
  • trim
  • curtains
  • a DIY botanical pull-down chart
  • a floor lamp
  • an antique serpentine dresser (maybe natural, maybe painted?)
  • a mirror
  • a completed dollhouse
  • hand-painted pull-down shades
  • sheets
  • a twin mattress
  • a headboard or bedframe
  • and probably much much more
Whew! My pocketbook and I are exhausted just thinking about it - but it will be so worth it in the end. I wish that we had the budget (and the time) to do this a bit more quickly, but slow and steady wins the race, right!?

Tomorrow I'm going to share the longest-running project at the H-Haus (and it's one of the smallest rooms!)


  1. what a great space. we have a similar older home and have redone almost every room! and now....we're going to move.

  2. "A zebra bordello" made me laugh out loud. Isn't it frightening that something like an animal-printed purse border exists? We had similar lovely design choices to contend with in our house--like bright red-orange walls in the library with mottled forest green carpeting. I both love and hate that kind of bad taste. One the one hand, it's almost too ugly to look at in the beginning and on the other, it makes those after pictures look so good!

  3. It doesn't even look like the same space! Love how you were able to see the potential in the room! Love the finishing touches you have lined up!



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