H-Haus Year in Review & Goals for 2012: The Bathroom

Our longest running project has been the bathroom. We started working on it waaaay back before Violet was even born.

This room started out with an animal print border as well - this time a bath tub theme!

We ripped out the peeling fiberglass surround, linoleum and laminate flooring, and plastic fixtures and replaced them with subway and hex tile and a new shiny chrome faucet, handle, and showerhead.

After the bones of the room were complete, we started to focus on the decor. I came up with an idea board for the space:

We painted the room a deep, rich gray:

And added a few finishing touches:

Still to do:
  • A few pieces of trim still need to be installed
  • More art
  • Some sort of window treatment
  • A rug?
It's so funny that our smallest project turned out to take the longest. It makes me nervous for when we tackle the kitchen...another goal of 2012? (And the master bedroom could use some serious help as well).

So there you have it! Our three big projects of 2011. We're no Young House Love (our year of projects is probably equal to about a week of theirs), but we're slowly plugging along to make our little home a cozy one.

Here's to more steady progress in 2012!


  1. sometimes it's those little things that take the longest. I have a pet peeve with myself. I never finish up the last little details....I hope in 2012 that I fix that.

  2. I really love that wall color!

    It's funny because our master bathroom has been one of the smaller projects on our list and it's been about a year now since we started on it.... and it still needs a lot more done to it lol.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! Love the color combo's! You have such a great eye!

  4. This looks AMAZING! I absolutely love the color combination. Stunning.



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