Apologies + News

Hi all! Long time no see. My apologies for being MIA for the past week - I suddenly felt an overwhelming urge for a break. A break from all things technology - Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Facebook, and yes - even Pinterest. I've barely checked my email and it felt, well, awesome. Does it ever all get to be too much for you? This crazy amount of information and connectedness that we're bombarded with each and every day?

On a fun note - my sister is pregnant!!! I'm going to be an aunt (again). This is her first and she is my only sister so it does feel a little different this time around though.

I'll be helping to plan her shower and with the design of her nursery so stay tuned for some fun baby nuggets here and there!

See you next week!



  1. I feel you on the too much twitter/pinterest/facebook/blogging - my brain is on overload lately! Happy day for your sis! That's great news!

  2. I was wondering what happened to you! Next time maybe give us a head's up!

  3. Good for you - a break is always a wonderful thing and you feel so refreshed afterwards. No apologies needed at all. And so exciting for your sister and your family - lots of fun to look forward to. I'm helping to plan a baby shower for a friend out in Harrisburg. Ordering invites tonight!

  4. Congratulations to your sister! And glad to hear you enjoyed the break from blogging. Sometimes we all just need a bit of "unplugged" time.



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