Little Changes

Thanks so much for all of the positive comments and advice I received yesterday on our upcoming trip to Australia. I feel a glimmer of hope that it may not be the horror I envision and I have you to thank for that :)

I wanted to share a few little changes I've been working on in the main living area of the H-Haus today - new curtains and pillows! I've been wanted to change things up for a while now and was just waiting for the right pieces and prices:

I've been coveting this pillow from Fine Little Day for quite some time and finally found a place for it in my home! The new lighter curtains from West Elm have really freed me up to use color in new ways in the space. They also make the whole room feel brighter and airier and I'm really happy about the choice! I also love the texture the origami pillow adds to the space. I'd like to eventually replace the end table. It was an old hand-me-down nightstand that we sanded and repainted, but it still isn't really our style. I'd love a more open lighter mid-century style table, but we do need the storage (we keep Violet's diapers and wipes in there!)

You can't see the edge of the curtains very well in these photos, but it's a really pretty citrus yellow color and I love the subtlety of it. I'm also planning to create a painting to place below the television to help break up the orange and add another layer to the wall.

I think this picture gives a really good idea of where I'm headed with the space as far as color is concerned. Pinks, oranges, blacks, whites on a backdrop of buttery yellow. I'd also like to add in a few splashes of citrine here and there:

And if you look really closely you can see Moe hanging out in the background of this photo. It's one of his favorite perches (he can see all of the squirrels and birds in the bushes and trees that are right outside of the window!)

It's feeling a lot more bright and fresh to me and that's exactly what I'm looking for lately - it certainly makes the cold short winter days a lot more bearable.

So what do you think - is it an improvement?



  1. I spy the yellow & white West Elm bathroom funny because I have the gray & white one. It's currently on my entertainment center being used as a little vase!

  2. You're right - I think you have a lot of options and ways you can go now. Maybe it's just the photo, but it looks like the draperies match the paint color on the walls really well too. That new pillow is great and lots of great colors to pull from that too. One of the things I'm big on is functionality for families but knowing that it can still be beautiful - just like you've shown in this room. Enjoy the new look of your room!



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