What a Tease...

After arriving home from work yesterday, I hung up my coat, grabbed the mail (I love having a mail slot - no extra time spent in the freezing weather outside!), and plopped myself down on the couch. I was excited to see my new West Elm catalog, quickly flipped through it, and got really excited about two of the new drapery designs - the Diamond Links and Spring Bloom Embroidered window panels:

I've been lackluster about our cranberry-colored drapes in the living/dining rooms since we purchased them, but nothing has excited me enough to consider replacing them until now. Better yet, when I showed them to the Hubster at dinner, he immediately had the same thought as me (and that doesn't happen often!) Our process usually goes something more like: I find something I love, he shoots it down, and I keep looking until we (eventually decades later) come to an agreement. There have been a few other times the stars have aligned in this way - the curtains in Violet's nursery and the chalkboard wall in our back room to name a couple, but trust me that it doesn't happen often.

So after dinner I hopped on my computer to check them out on West Elm's site - only to find that they are 'no longer available!?' I mean, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they are fairly new??? How have they been snatched up so quickly? Needless to say I am sooo disappointed. :/ Any ideas on how I missed the boat on this one?

West Elm I insist that you stop teasing me with your catalog if you don't have the stock to back it up. If you weren't one of my absolute favorite places to shop you'd be on my black list for sure.

And after the great incredibly frustrating rug search of 2011, I'm hoping history isn't going to repeat itself in 2012 in the form of window treatments! New Years Resolution No. 1: I will not waste hours of my life searching for window treatments online. There.

My first resolution to break.



  1. Dina @ Honey + FitzJanuary 5, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    I don't know if you live near one or not but they are available in the store. I just saw both there 2 days ago. Hope that helps!

  2. I would say keep checking, its possible that they are either too new (made it into the catalog but haven't been stocked yet) or they are so popular they are gone, which means they will probably make more. Call your local store too.

  3. How strange & annoying! I wouldn't give up though, I would try to hunt them down now that you've found something you both like! I know how rare that is- I go through the same frustrating process with my husband on just about everything too.

  4. That's good to know - unfortunately the closest one is about 2-2.5 hours away :/

  5. It is soooo rare. I should really hunt them down but finding the time is so difficult. I am so spoiled with shopping online...

  6. You should check online again. I was just on their site and it looks like the listened and put some more online to order! Hopefully you can find them.

    Lauren, I also had a question for you. I was wonder how I could go about purchasing a mood board from you?

  7. I just checked as well and they are in stock.



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