Mini Meals

Babies are so easy when it comes to food - give them milk, milk, oh yeah, and more milk and call it a day. Even when they get a bit older - just puree away and they're happy as a clam. Eventually though, they have to get used to more tastes and textures and you want it to be healthy of course, and it gets a bit more difficult. Sometimes I worry if I'm not giving Violet enough variety or sometimes I just want new creative options for her meals.

So I was thinking maybe we could help each other out? One parent to another? And we could link up to share what our kids are eating these days. I'm going to try to post this once per week on Wednesdays and we can each share one meal that we fed our toddler/kid.

Just post the photo to your blog with a description of the meal and then link up to your post below (not your blog in general, but the actual url of the post that way no one has to hunt for your meal, please) and we'll see how it goes! I so hope some of you will participate - I'd love to get new ideas for Violet! Here's what Violet ate on Saturday for lunch:

Saturday's lunch: Fred Food Face plate, carrot and celery sticks, Wholly Guacamole, Nature's Promise turkey burger

Link up your mini meal here!


  1. I'll have to try to link something up soon. My daughter loves this one casserole that I make - it's a chicken and wild rice casserole and it's delicious.



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