Violet Turns Two: Party Planning


Violet's second birthday is quickly approaching. I'm excited but trying to keep myself from going overboard. This cake looks pretty but simple enough for a two-year-old. Completely unpretentious. Fresh flowers are a must for a spring fling. And I think I can definitely DIY these amazing flags! (Or if I win the lottery I can pay someone to DIY them for me ;)) I can picture kids running rampant waving their flags in the air now...

Want to see more? Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest here.

Rifle Paper Co: Spring 2012

I'm completely smitten with Rifle Paper Co.'s Spring 2012 collection. Those journals are just to die for, don't you think?! One of each please...

xo, Lauren

Then and Now

Three years of growing with our little girl - from bump to baby to toddler. 

xo, Lauren

Thinking Outside of the Basket

The other day I shared a few Easter basket alternatives that you could purchase on Etsy. But if you're feeling particularly crafty definitely check out these tutorials from the Purl Bee:

Easter Egg Hunt Bags
Super Simple Felt Easter Basket

I love that the 'basket' is made out of felt and could be folded for easy storage. xo, Lauren

Supermom: Katie of Katie's Pencil Box

This week's Supermom is Katie of Katie's Pencil Box! Katie is the super stylish mama of Max who writes the sweetest letters to their baby-on-the-way. Her blog is full of the most gorgeous photos of their day-to-day life. I seriously catch my breath everytime I visit her site. Read on to find out more about Katie...

when max was a toddler i wanted a place to keep pictures and funny stories to share with family and friends. i ended up keeping a blog on livejournal! i found an amazing community of creative ladies and inspiring mamas there...and i'm still good friends with a lot of the gals i met way back then.

i know i say it a lot, but my favorite part has to be getting to be a little kid again...dreaming up silly things for your little one or going on funny adventures that only your childhood-self could come up with! so much of parenting is making serious, adult decisions...but having the opportunity to see life again through a child's eyes and mind is really a gift. really, the whole package of motherhood is a blessing over and over.

the toughest thing about being a mother is learning the dance...keeping time and in step with an ever changing little individual ( who is sometimes nothing like you and sometimes so much like you it's frightening). there is a lot of pressure and responsibility in trying to raise a good and decent human being. i don't know that a day goes by that i don't worry that i'm scarring this little guy for life. but then you see how resilient and adaptable and capable kids can be. and you want just an ounce of their endless capacity for love and forgiveness. in learning this dance, i've found that there's a time for me to lead and a time to just follow and trust.

i don't even try! i know it's been a good day, lived to the fullest, when there is a pile of laundry and a sink full of dishes waiting on me.

the best thing i've learned is to let your little ones be little ones! it can be a real hoot when you let go and stay present with them, despite the mess making. plus you can learn a lot about yourself and your babies in those minutes when you're not rushing off to clean dirty knees.

definitely my mother! everyday i learn something new and wonderful about her by being a mama myself.

one of my favorite blogging supermoms would have to be james from bleubird vintage...loads of style and lots of adventuring with her babies!

any mom that can show that life doesn't have to stop when you have kids is a supermom to me!

Thank you so much to Katie for your poignant thoughts and advice on motherhood! I so agree with you on seeing the world through your child's eyes - there is truly nothing on Earth like it. See more of Katie, her beautiful family, and stunning photos here

xo, Lauren

Little Style: Easter [Boys]


hat, shirt, flip flops, shorts, shoes

And while I don't have a little boy of my own, here are a few adorable Easter outfits that I would choose for a little guy. Bow ties and suspenders?! They get me every time. I mean, you only have a small window of time before they just want to roll out of bed and grab the closest t-shirt and pair of jeans, right?

Little Style: Easter [Girls]

one, two, three

With Easter quickly approaching, I've been on the hunt for a cute Easter outfit for Violet to wear. I'd like something that she can continue to wear throughout the summer rather than a super-formal dress that she would only wear once. I think these four Easter dresses fit the bill for my little girl. I'm leaning toward number one. Which would you choose? 

xo, Lauren

Thinking Outside of the Basket

Like last year, I've been looking for Easter basket alternatives for Violet. Baskets are lovely, but not very compact and one thing our home definitely lacks is storage space. I came across these adorable bags on Etsy and think they would be just perfect for Easter or anytime:

Shower Down Under


Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. My lovely sister was recently thrown a baby shower by her friends and I've been dying to share it with all of you! I wasn't able to attend being that she lives in Australia, but I did contribute a few of my favorite things and did what I could to help in the planning. Her friends managed to pull it all together to create an absolutely beautiful day for her and I couldn't be more grateful to them! Here are a few of the sources that I can share with you:

Cake Bunting: Etsy seller ReadyGo
Stripey Straws: Etsy seller ISAKAYboutique
Craspedia Garland: Etsy seller Fairyfolk
Letters (similar): Anthropologie

I'm so excited to meet my new nephew in July (Yes it's a boy but they're keeping the name a secret!)

xo, Lauren

Friday Favorites


Pretty food styling.

A family - beautiful.

Simple but lovely little party.

New favorite blog (via the boo and the boy)

Love Max's letters to his little sister-to-be and Jen's weekly parenting ups and downs.

Touching and thoughtful series by Ryan Marshall.

No words.

xo, Lauren

Around Here

1. New print from Etsy seller In Haus Press

2. Violet has more opinions all of the time. One of her current favorite things to do is wear my clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. And put on a billion layers of clothing (hats, sweaters, coats, pants) all by herSELF. Yes, patience is a virtue.

3. View from where I sit.

4. Self portrait

5. Take out night.

6. Friendly predictions

7. We've been going to the park almost every day when Violet gets home. She loves the twisty slide (and covering herself in mulch). She also loves watching the big kids play basketball and is convinced that if we sit at the picnic table she must. eat. something! We now come to the park equipped with a ball, matchbox cars (the other kids brought them one day and luckily one little boy shared, but trying to avert a possible tragedy), food, and a water sippy. Oh, and yes, she insists on wearing her (too small) hat on 75 degree days.

8. Violet confidently will slide down the twisty slide on her own, and she'll go down the regular slide if I'm holding her hand, but the tunnel slide...are you crazy Mom?!

9. I love spring.

10. Magnolias

Happy Friday! xo, Lauren

P.S. You can still follow me on Instagram, but I had to make it private after a few students (whom I love dearly) discovered my account through a coworker. Not that I post anything risque, but I like to keep my personal life and work life as separate as possible. Just request me if you'd like to follow along!

Spring Style: Shoes


one, two, three, four

I'm craving color this season and these shoes all fit the bill. My four staples: wedges, sandals, flats, sneakers. The best part is that each of these styles come in a multitude of colors - I just have the worst time deciding which to choose! -xo, Lauren

Mint on my Mind...

Sponsor With Two Cats in April


Like the content here on with two cats? Consider sponsoring us for a month or two! April is going to be great - I'm hoping to put the finishing details on Violet's big girl room, making some changes to our living/dining area, and planning Violet's second birthday party! Plus the usual eye candy, mini meals, and hopefully a few new supermom features.

I'm working with Passionfruit advertising now so you can actually purchase and upload your ad without having to send a bunch of email craziness back and forth with me. Your ad will appear on the start date and will run for 30 days. The ads will be automatically rotated as well. I seriously loooove the whole concept of Passionfruit and am thrilled to be working with them. (And hopefully with some of you as well!) You can check out stats and more information here.

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Mini Meals

This past week I had a revelation and realized that mayonnaise is dairy AND soy free! It definitely opened up more sandwich options for us. The guacamole is great in that she loves it and it's healthy, but it does get brown pretty quickly so it's not an ideal thing to pack for the babysitter. For this sandwich I chopped up fresh spinach, grapes, and chicken and mixed them with a bit of mayonnaise. I used Panera's white whole grain bread again and grilled the sandwich in olive oil.

The last sandwich was such a huge hit with Violet that I assumed this one would be as well. Annnnd Violet decided to remind me that toddlers are fickle creatures. She took a few bites and then refused to eat any more. Pretty disappointing, but she does that pretty often with new foods. I'll try again and hope it eventually takes. Toddlers may be fickle but moms can be persistent :)

I'd love to see what your little one is eating! (Or not eating lol) Link up below:

Half a Dozen Eggcellent Easter Eggs


Spring Fever

I'm looking for a little more sun in my life...

I'm on the hunt for some sunny wallpaper for the living and dining room. Sorry orange you've got to go. Out with the old and in with the yellow!

clockwise from top left: one, two, three, four, five, six

xo, Lauren

Steppin Out Saturday


We went to the St. Patty's Day parade yesterday and the weather was amazingly awesome. Not a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze, and a warm sun on our backs. I think the whole city was out - the streets were jam packed. A sea of green, balloons escaping from the clutches of chubby little hands.

Of course the parade time was smack in the middle of Violet's nap, so we had to wake her up and she was less than enthused until the sound of the drums could be heard in the distance. Then she was alert and ready to be thrilled by each new float that passed us by. She alternated between shouting, 'More more!', clapping, waving, and screaming, 'STOP!' trying to keep the performers in front of her stroller by sheer force of will. When the last float drifted past, the last trumpet sounded, the last curly-haired dancer twirled past, she was crushed. But we spent the rest of the afternoon at the park, picking violets, and looking for four leaf clovers. It was that perfect kind of spring day.

Linking up with Mandy over at the Haps for Steppin Out Saturday!

top: thrift
skirt: asos
shoes: Bare Traps
bracelet: Tarjay
sunglasses: Tarjay

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