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1. New print from Etsy seller In Haus Press

2. Violet has more opinions all of the time. One of her current favorite things to do is wear my clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. And put on a billion layers of clothing (hats, sweaters, coats, pants) all by herSELF. Yes, patience is a virtue.

3. View from where I sit.

4. Self portrait

5. Take out night.

6. Friendly predictions

7. We've been going to the park almost every day when Violet gets home. She loves the twisty slide (and covering herself in mulch). She also loves watching the big kids play basketball and is convinced that if we sit at the picnic table she must. eat. something! We now come to the park equipped with a ball, matchbox cars (the other kids brought them one day and luckily one little boy shared, but trying to avert a possible tragedy), food, and a water sippy. Oh, and yes, she insists on wearing her (too small) hat on 75 degree days.

8. Violet confidently will slide down the twisty slide on her own, and she'll go down the regular slide if I'm holding her hand, but the tunnel slide...are you crazy Mom?!

9. I love spring.

10. Magnolias

Happy Friday! xo, Lauren

P.S. You can still follow me on Instagram, but I had to make it private after a few students (whom I love dearly) discovered my account through a coworker. Not that I post anything risque, but I like to keep my personal life and work life as separate as possible. Just request me if you'd like to follow along!


  1. I'm sure you've already answered this question but where did you get your lovely, colorful pillows? Simply adorable!

  2. The pillows are from:

    skinny laminx:
    fine little day:
    Etsy shop Folklore Love:

    And thanks! :)

  3. I love that first print. And your house is beyond darling. xo, rv

  4. Love all of the pics. Especially the ones with that adorable little girl in them.


  5. Love the pics too - keep em coming :) What does this too small hat look like?

  6. Where did you get the frame in your first picture with the print? Love love love it! Looks like rustic wood.

    1. I actually ordered it custom from this Etsy shop:

      Hope that helps!



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