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My beautiful niece was born yesterday - Braithe Anna (and of course I had to pay her a visit!), so I thought I'd share a few fun posts that I've written lately for Apartment Therapy in lieu of a regular post:

1. 10 DIY Advent Calendars
2. 15 DIY Modern Holiday Decorations
3. Creative Christmas Trees for Small Spaces
4. Forts, Tents, & Other Indoor Playspaces

You can see all of my writing for Apartment Therapy by clicking here. xo, Lauren

DIY Glitter Geometry Garland


I'm trying to DIY as many of my ornaments as possible to save a little dough for baby number two. I was really crushing on this glitterered geometry garland from Leif, but it just wasn't in the budget. Here's how I made my own:

1. Print the templates and follow the instructions for creating a stellated dodecahedron and paper gems here. Use thick paper like cardstock or tag board so that your shapes are sturdy. Secure with tape, glue, or both:

2. Use a glitter spray paint like this one to coat your gems in glitter:

3. Use a very long needle (or tape two smaller needles together) to push string or fishing line through the tips of each gems and out the other side. Knot the string on each end of the gem, evenly spacing them apart:

4. Hang and enjoy!

P.S. Check out my other DIY ornaments here:

DIY Ornaments

O Christmas Tree


We got our Christmas tree a little early this year as our next few weekends are completely booked. We had the farm pretty much to ourselves and our pick of the trees. We're a bit odd as we generally try to find a tree on the thin scraggly natural side which is actually surprisingly difficult, but it's worth it because we just love the character and charm of an imperfect little tree.

Violet had a fun time tramping around, going on horsey-back rides, hiding in the foliage, and chasing her Daddy round and round the trees. Unfortunately despite a nap all of that tramping and frolicking did her and her mama in for the rest of the day and we were a couple of grumps. Not to mention Kevin having a blast getting the tree to stand up straight and the lights to work...sigh. Nevertheless it was a lovely day and we're all looking forward to decking the halls after we regain our holiday cheer!

xo, Lauren

Lovely Little Aprons


Some lovely little aprons over on Zulily! I think the red polka dot is my favorite. Check them out here.

DIY Colorful Yarn Pom Pom Ornament

Because I really want to have a more colorful Christmas this year but can't afford to buy all new ornaments, I've decided to go DIY crazy and make as many of them as possible. I'm using the 'Colorful Christmas' idea board that I came up with as inspiration for the projects. First up today are colorful yarn pom poms, similar to this one at Leif.A-Lovely-Lark-DIY-Colorful-Yarn-Pom-Pom-Ornament Step 1: Choose your yarn color(s). You can go with as many or as few as you'd like.

Step 2: Start with your first color. Wrap it around three of your fingers until it is fairly thick. It takes a little experimenting to determine how much to wrap, but I would say err on the side of too thick rather than too thin.

Step 3: Snip off the end of the first color and repeat the same process (either on top of or beside the first color) with your next roll of yarn. Continue this process until you have wrapped all of your chosen colors around your fingers.

Step 4: Carefully remove your wrapped yarn from your fingers, keeping its shape.

Step 5: Place the wrapped yarn on top of a long piece of yarn. Try to center it.

Step 6: Tie the long piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn, pulling it as tightly as possible. Keep the long strands to use for hanging purposes. Use scissors to cut through the loops on one side.

Step 7: Cut through the loops on the other side of the wrapped yarn as well.

Step 8: You will end up with a very shaggy misshapen blob of yarn. This will need to be trimmed into a much smaller ball shape. Basically, give it a hair cut!

Step 9: Tie the long strands of yarn together to create a loop with which to hang your ornament. Hang and enjoy your burst of color!

Happy crafting! xo, Lauren

P.S. Check out my DIY Confetti System ornaments here and my DIY geometric garland here.

DIY Ornaments

Happy Thanksgiving!


Taking the day off! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving. xo, Lauren

Image via Chalkboard House on Etsy

And the winner is...

Kristina Proffitt! Thanks to everyone for playing and to the lovely sponsors of our giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving to all! xo, Lauren

Our Christmas Cards 2012


I've been waiting to make use of one of these family photos that we had taken by the lovely Candice Van Moolenbroek while we were in Australia, and I thought, of course, Christmas cards! I just added some simple text and a border in Photoshop, and voila! Now I'm trying to decide if I should print them myself or if it's worth it to have them printed by an online vendor. Any recommendations? We don't have much to spend this year with saving up for baby number two, so if you know of a great place with decent prices I'd love to hear about it! xo, Lauren

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: For Him

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Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Music


13. Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

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Cherry Walls:

For those who aren't confident enough to paint their own wall mural, or perhaps want a less permanent solution, wall decals have become a popular choice. Cherry Walls is a wonderful shop for those looking for original wall decals for their home or nursery. In the shop you will find wall decals, decal stickers, nursery decals, kids decals, girls room decals, tree wall decals, and even urban forest vinyl wall decals for your home.

Cherry Walls is run by a husband and a wife team working together to help make nurseries in the USA and across the globe look beautiful and fresh. Every Cherry Walls decal design has been created by an artist and started as a simple pencil-drawn sketch, became a vector illustration, and later was die cut. Finally there's a long process of preparing decal for application and finally packaging and shipping! We are using almost exclusively materials and supplies made in USA every step of the way, as we believe it makes our products superior in quality, safer to use, easier to work with and also makes our economy stronger.

Thanks Veronica! Enter to win a $50 credit to Cherry Walls here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Read

5. Ollie*
14. The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
*Violet's favorites

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The Little Red Wagon:

We love making handmade items for babies and kids! My daughter, Scarlett is the inspiration behind our company. I received the cutest little wooden red wagon at my baby shower from my dad and I could instantly picture my little girl riding in it. The Little Red Wagon began in January 2012, just a few months after I became a mother. Scarlett inspires me to make handmade items for babies and kids. All of the things made in my shop are created in what little spare time I have after she's gone to bed or down for her nap.

Thanks Kristin! Enter to win a custom birth announcement or Christmas card design from Kristin here and receive free shipping on everything in Kristin's shop during the month of November with the promo code, "TURKEY".

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Her

I thought we'd take a little break from the gift guides for the little ones and show off some fun goodies for the lady in your life. Whether it's your wife, best friend, sister, or mom, here's a collection of lovely and useful things that any lady would love:

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Imagine

P.S. You can enter the holiday giveaway extravaganza here. Over $750 in prizes to one lucky reader!

Colette Bream:

Today's featured artist is Colette Bream. Colette Bream is the mastermind behind her namesake Etsy shop full of whimsical and lovely things for little ones. Her passion for creating began out of a desire to surround her daughter with simple, natural, beautiful things. And beautiful they are - from her lambswool pillows to her linen bedding, her knitted garlands and her papier mache wands. Each of her creations is uniquely lovely. See more of her magical creations by visiting her Etsy shop here. A big thank you to Colette for contributing one of her lovely Goodnight Kisses pillows to our giveaway! Enter to win here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Play Kitchen


11. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Kitchen Set
12. Kids Apron Eep in Blueberry

P.S. You can enter the holiday giveaway extravaganza here. Over $750 in prizes to one lucky reader!


Magpie Lovely:

Magpie Lovely is an online boutique focused on offering high-quality handmade designs for women, kids, and the home. They are a great gifting destination if you're looking for truly unique (often custom made!) gifts. One of my favorite things about Magpie Lovely is that all of their beautiful offerings include handmade items from independent artists and designers. Here are a few of my favorite products from the shop:

Kirie Four Clock, Baby Modern Hedgehog Clock, Labyrinth Canvas Tote Bag, Chevron Knit Pillow, Jack Frost Wool Slippers, Organic Little Wolf Baby Bodysuit, Baby Yellow Pom Pom Harem Pants, Mysteries Print Set

You can win a $75 gift certificate toward anything in the shop at Magpie Lovely here and receive 10% off everything in the shop with the code 'lovelylark10' through the end of December!

Baby No.2 Nursery Ideas

Sources: (clockwise from top left) Paul Marrot Artwork, Crochet Flower Garland (handmade by my grandmother), David Trubridge Floral Pendant, Swing Stripes Curtains, Dwell Studio Meadow Crib Bedding, Terrain Tall Rope Basket, Presidio Glider, Blabla Wooly the Sheep, You Are So Loved Print, Egmont Toys White Rabbit Lamp, Wooden Alphabet

I've gotten a lot of questions about if we are a) finding out the gender of baby number two and b) if we will be changing the nursery decor. Yes, we are definitely finding out if this little bean is a guy or gal (December 6th is our ultrasound date!) I think we may have the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a card like we did the last time with Violet and open it at a later date. There's just something about that moment that I want to be personal, and I don't want to share it with a stranger. We may even have a very small gender reveal party with family afterward. Since we won't be having a shower this time around I thought it could be a fun way to celebrate together :)

As far as the nursery I would like to change the decor a bit but keep the main pieces (crib, dresser, etc.). The only piece of furniture I'd be thrilled to change out is the glider, but I doubt that will happen because we are pinching our pennies so that I can stay home for a while with the baby and Violet. If the babe is a girl I'm really loving the items above. I thought it was kind of funny that after putting the idea board together I realized the color scheme is very similar to the current nursery. Of course we won't be able to afford many of the above items but in a dream world this is a favorite look of mine. I'm still thinking on the boy thing - that's so different for me I don't have a vision in my mind of what it might look like yet. Stay tuned! xo, Lauren

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Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Dolls

9. Mouse Teepee
10. Ergobaby Doll Carrier
11. Moulin Roty Wood + Metal Pram
12. Kantha Doll Quilt
13. Doll Diaper Bag
14. Fancy Felt Beret
15. Bunny Doll

P.S. You can enter the holiday giveaway extravaganza here. Over $750 in prizes to one lucky reader!

My Little Loves:

At My Little Loves you'll find handmade and lovely dolls, doll quilts, and accessories. Each doll created by shop owner Amy is inspired by people in her life. They each have their own story to tell, just like the little one who receives it. It's her hope that your little ones will have many adventures together with their dolls!  Amy believes in polka dots and poms and poms, florals with stripes, and that handmade is perfectly, imperfect. Natural is best, upcycle what you can, and vintage is always lovely. 

Enter here to win a Jacqueline doll from My Little Loves and receive 10% off everything in the shop with the code 'ALOVELYHOLIDAY'!

Inspired by the girl with the girl with a tangle in her hair and a twinkle in her eye, shop owner Lori Marie creates the most beautiful handmade dolls, dreamcatchers, headbands, and more. With a background in fashion design and Lori Marie combined her pattern making skills and love of color and hand detailing to create her own collection of pretty little things. 

Enter here to win one of Lori Marie's gorgeous dreamcatchers and shimmering feather crowns. A big thank you to Lori Marie for sponsoring our holiday gift guides and giveaway!

PSA: Up to 50% Off Plan Toys!


Up to 50% off Plan Toys today on Zulily! I totally bought the toaster for Violet. Check it out here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Create

9. Natural Beeswax Crayons

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Criswell Creations is the brainchild of Laura Woodson, a mother and graphic designer. Laura thinks of Criswell Creations as a creative outlet, as she doesn't always get to design what she would like at her day job. Her Etsy shop offers her the artistic freedom that she craves. Laura's custom bird mobiles add a fun and whimsical feeling to your child's nursery. Each bird is made by hand and is created with different patterns of fabric placed on raw branches to give it a really natural feel. Use the code 'GIFTGUIDE2012' to receive 15% off everything in her shop and enter to win one of her lovely three-tiered creations here!

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Play

3. Pixie Wooden Toy Camera  (15% off with the code 'TWIG15' through 11/20/2012)
10. Silly Putty
11. Colorframes Wooden Blocks
12. Janod Wooden Mobile Phone
13. Dipped Wooden Bowling Set
14. Organic Wooden Animal Puzzle
15. Wooden London Play Set

P.S. You can enter the holiday giveaway extravaganza here. Over $750 in prizes to one lucky reader!

Bungalow Kids:

A big thank you to Bungalow Kids for sponsoring our gift guides and holiday giveaway! Bungalow Kids is an online retailer for children's furniture and decor. They have a great selection of products, some handmade by Etsy artisans, some from mass market vendors to create a unique mix of styles that could easily fit into any type of decor. Here are a few of my favorite items from the site

Enter here to win a Kantha Doll Quilt (in the color of your choice) AND one Petit Collage Funny Bunny Doll courtesy of Bungalow Kids!

Niko & Nonnie:

All of the handmade products you'll find at Niko & Nonnie are a modern interpretation of the Waldorf tradition, each one organic, sustainable and eco-friendly. Shop owner Ariana Lyriotakis gathers inspiration from her children, from Mother Nature, from her husband Chef Grant's magnificent cooking, and from the delicate moments life holds for each of us. 

To see more information about Niko & Nonnie's holiday products, visit the shop's blog here. Use the code 'LOVELY15' to receive 15% off everything in the shop (no expiration date!) and enter to win one of Niko & Nonnie's Merry and Bright Jingle Rattles at our holiday giveaway here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: Babes


1. Teething Rings (Win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (Win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (15% off with the code 'LL15' through 12/1/12)
5. Wooly the Sheep (15% off with the code 'LL15' through 12/1/12)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (Win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Print
11. Moover Baby Walker
12. Wooden Fox Teether
13. Meadow Flannel Stroller Blanket

P.S. You can enter the holiday giveaway extravaganza here. Over $750 in prizes to one lucky reader!

I'd like to feature Ergobaby and Koukku who have both generously offered to give away one of their lovely products to one lucky reader!


Born in the relaxed environment of Hawaii, first designed by Karin Frost, the original Ergobaby Carrier was developed for her son, applying proper ergonomics to a pragmatic need: keep your baby close. She sought feedback from fellow parents, studied kids’ reactions to being carried—and found an enthusiastic audience of likeminded moms and dads.
The Ergobaby Carrier was born out of a personal desire for mobility and comfort allowing you to tackle life while maintaining a close & natural bond with your baby and toddler.

Save 15% on Ergobaby products by entering the code 'ALovelyLark15' at checkout through November 27, 2012. And enter to win an Ergobaby Carrier over at the holiday giveaway extravaganza!
Koukku's handmade wooden rings and nursing necklaces are hand crocheted in Finland with a non-toxic Oko-tex cotton. A beautiful way to sooth your little babe.

Win an wooden teething ring from Koukku by entering the holiday giveaway extravaganza!

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