DIY Colorful Yarn Pom Pom Ornament

Because I really want to have a more colorful Christmas this year but can't afford to buy all new ornaments, I've decided to go DIY crazy and make as many of them as possible. I'm using the 'Colorful Christmas' idea board that I came up with as inspiration for the projects. First up today are colorful yarn pom poms, similar to this one at Leif.A-Lovely-Lark-DIY-Colorful-Yarn-Pom-Pom-Ornament Step 1: Choose your yarn color(s). You can go with as many or as few as you'd like.

Step 2: Start with your first color. Wrap it around three of your fingers until it is fairly thick. It takes a little experimenting to determine how much to wrap, but I would say err on the side of too thick rather than too thin.

Step 3: Snip off the end of the first color and repeat the same process (either on top of or beside the first color) with your next roll of yarn. Continue this process until you have wrapped all of your chosen colors around your fingers.

Step 4: Carefully remove your wrapped yarn from your fingers, keeping its shape.

Step 5: Place the wrapped yarn on top of a long piece of yarn. Try to center it.

Step 6: Tie the long piece of yarn around the wrapped yarn, pulling it as tightly as possible. Keep the long strands to use for hanging purposes. Use scissors to cut through the loops on one side.

Step 7: Cut through the loops on the other side of the wrapped yarn as well.

Step 8: You will end up with a very shaggy misshapen blob of yarn. This will need to be trimmed into a much smaller ball shape. Basically, give it a hair cut!

Step 9: Tie the long strands of yarn together to create a loop with which to hang your ornament. Hang and enjoy your burst of color!

Happy crafting! xo, Lauren

P.S. Check out my DIY Confetti System ornaments here and my DIY geometric garland here.

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  1. Your pom pom is so perfectly round! Thanks for the tips! And love this idea for using up extra bits of yarn.

  2. I love this idea. I am going to make a set of twelve for gifting this year. and, Yarn is on sale right now. EEK! Excited!

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