DIY Glitter Geometry Garland


I'm trying to DIY as many of my ornaments as possible to save a little dough for baby number two. I was really crushing on this glitterered geometry garland from Leif, but it just wasn't in the budget. Here's how I made my own:

1. Print the templates and follow the instructions for creating a stellated dodecahedron and paper gems here. Use thick paper like cardstock or tag board so that your shapes are sturdy. Secure with tape, glue, or both:

2. Use a glitter spray paint like this one to coat your gems in glitter:

3. Use a very long needle (or tape two smaller needles together) to push string or fishing line through the tips of each gems and out the other side. Knot the string on each end of the gem, evenly spacing them apart:

4. Hang and enjoy!

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