Featured Artist: Anna See


I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to another of the wonderful sponsors of A Lovely Lark. Anna See is an artist and illustrator who runs an amazing Etsy shop where she sells gorgeous hand-pulled linocut prints. She wrote me the sweetest note that I just had to share with all of you to show you what a difference it makes when we support handmade:

I want to express my deep gratitude after being able to quit my dead-end nine-fiver to pursue my dream of contributing my art to the world full-time. In a world of mass production and big corporations, supporting small business and the handmade community is so very appreciated, as it is this support that enables my work to be produced. Each linocut print is completely hand carved and hand pulled with simple tools, like the back of a metal spoon, to transfer the ink to the paper and I put a lot of thought, love, and care into all my creations. I'm living a lot more modestly, and have had to relocate to a lower cost-of-living state (Nevada), to better try my hand at making this work, but I am so much more happier! Thank you for all your continued support!


I actually have personally been a big fan of Anna's for some time now and you may have seen one of her owl linocut prints in various photos of my home. Here's where he lives at the current moment:

A big thank you to Anna for sponsoring A Lovely Lark and to all of you who support handmade! See more of Anna's work at her Etsy shop here. xo, Lauren


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