Ten Things About You...


1. The words that come out of your mouth at this age are the most adorable thing in the world. Your pronouns are all switched around, "Let I see, Mommy" and some of the phrases you utter are just too funny, "Actually I tan take (it a)long Mommy" Instead of saying 'yesterday' you say, "Last day I went Nonny Poppy's house" I seriously want to record everything that comes out of your mouth for fear that I will one day forget.

2. You love your hair. I worry that we will never be able to trim it for fear that the loss you will feel will be too great. Your favorite thing is to run around the house in between taking off clothing and putting on jammies, shaking your head, feeling your long curly tresses against your back.

3. At bedtime you come up with every excuse in the book to get us to come back into your room. Anything from, "My nose wunny Daddy" to "Bear/bad guys/Moe Moe in my woom!" to "I getting verwy tie-uhd!"

4. You're currently in an "Ew, yut!" phase. Any food, new to you or old hat can be subject to this phrase.

5. You love to help with everything. You help us vacuum, sweep, cook, unload the dishwasher, fold laundry, and dry dishes. You are our big helper and we hope it lasts well into the teenage years! *wink wink*

6. Your favorite toy is probably your baby doll. You've named her "Mad-son" after the little baby who comes once a week to your sitter. You love to change her diaper, feed her water and "milt", and give her "med-sin". You put bandaids on her boo boos and swaddle her tightly before you rock her to sleep. Baby Mad-son's favorite lullabies are Rockabye Baby and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. You tell her things like, "That's otay baby" and "I'll be wight bat!". Sometimes you like to push her in the stroller, at other times carry her in a backpack or carrier. You are going to be such a wonderful big sister and mommy someday.

7. You've started reading parts of your books and singing along with us. We are amazed at how quickly you can pick up the words or lyrics to anything new. Not only do you read, but you act along with the story. When the Cat in the Hat is sad, your face drops, your voice gets soft. When the fish is angry you scrunch up your eyebrows and wag your finger right along with him. We love that you have such a vivid imagination and love of stories and songs.

8. Reverse psychology is our biggest trick right now. You love to make everything into a game. If I want you to put your pj's on I'll say, "I want to wear these jammies - you're not allowed." And you quickly snatch them away with a grin and giggle as you tug them over your wee little head. When Daddy wants a hug at bedtime I simply have to say that, "No I want to give Daddy a hug," and you immediately wrap your arms around him. I'm not sure how long this trick will last, but we're using it to our full advantage at the moment.

9. Your favorite books right now include Going on a Bear Hunt, The Cat in the Hat, The Bear Snores On, and The Bear Feels Scared. Anything with a bear and a 'Scare-wee pahwt" and you are happy as a clam.

10. One of your most loved games is to have someone save you. You love to snuggle up with Daddy as Mommy tries to snatch you away, and vice versa. Hide and go seek and simply running around the house are other close contenders.

We love you so much sweetheart - you light up our lives!
xo, Mommy & Daddy


  1. I love this. My son just turned 3 and so many of these things are exactly him as well...it's a good age (so far!)...I won't get into the tantrums... :)



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