Gifts for Newborns

I have had a couple of emails/comments lately asking what are the best gifts to buy for new babies. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

1. Burt's Bees Baby Products - I can't say enough about Burt's Bees baby products. Natural, safe for baby, and oh so good. And you can never have too much baby shampoo - that stuff is always useful!

2. Dove Soap for Sensitive Skin - The best most gentle thing for your baby's skin. When we had issues with Violet's allergies and a full-body rash as a result, this is what her pediatrician recommended. What a life saver! We even used it in her hair for a while.

3. A cute pair of booties - What new mom wouldn't swoon over these sweet little crochet booties from Blabla?

4. Live Clean Baby Non-Petroleum Jelly - Love me some petroleum jelly, but if you're looking for something a little less petroleum and a little more natural, this is the way to go.

5. Personalized toy - This sweet little pull toy from Paloma's Nest would make a lovely heirloom toy for any little one (and his mama) to treasure.

6. Moby Wrap - For newborns, this is definitely a must-have. Keeps them close and swaddled with mama and lets her have her hands free to make a sandwich or wrangle a toddler :)

7. Puj Tub - Takes up virtually zero space, lets you bathe your babe in the sink with ease, and looks nice too. (plus it's mold and mildew resistant!)

8. Cute Bibs - From newborn drool to messy toddlers, bibs are one of the most hard-working items you can give a mama. And I figure if your baby is going to have one on so often, you might as well get a few cute ones!

9. Diapers + Wipes - Unless your friend is going the cloth diaper route, this is another thing you can't have too much of with a newborn. My favorite brand is Pampers Sensitive - it's the only brand we found that Violet's sensitive (and allergy prone) skin could handle as a baby.

10. A soft friend - These handmade animals from Tiny Warbler on Etsy are some of my favs.

11. A Baby Book - To record all of those milestones. I love this one by Bebis.

12. A+D Ointment - Another product I wouldn't live without. This was another life saver with Violet's skin issues. I'll never use another diaper rash product.

13. Sleep Gowns - Make midnight diaper changes a breeze. These striped numbers from Tadpoles are pretty adorable.

14. A Rattle - Can't go wrong with a classic toy! Love this little birdy.

15. A Book - Violet loved the classics Pat the Bunny and Goodnight Moon.

16. Teething Toy - V was definitely obsessed with Sophie the Giraffe. She squeaks! You can chew on her! She has neat spots! A hit in our house for sure.

17. Soft Blankets - For swaddling and keeping baby warm - you can never have too many blankets!

So what about you? What are your favorite newborn gifts to give? I'd love some new ideas! 
xo, Lauren


  1. Anything hand-made is always a big hit and I also agree about the diapers and wipes. We are pampers sensitive fans as well as our little one had lots of skin issues as an infant. We have used Triple Paste when the diaper rash got real bad and that stuff has been great. Books are also a route you can never go wrong. The Aiden & Anais blankets and bibs are also the best - I love to give those as gifts.

  2. I love giving an extra-large hooded towel, personalized, if I have the time. Baby bath towels are always way too small and thin, resulting in a very sad and cold baby after bath time. After we started using a large hooded towel (made from a full size towel with a hood sewn on top) for our babe, the post-bath process was so much happier and cozier. As a gift, I package the towel up with some johnson's bedtime bath and a rubber duckie to make a complete bathtime kit.

  3. Wow! These list is a big help! My sister gave birth to a baby boy and i need to find top gifts for newborns. Thanks for this list!



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