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So I'm still being indecisive on the baby's new nursery. I think it's pregnancy hormones or something? With Violet's nursery I found those curtains and bam - the design was easy from there. With this new one nothing (or maybe everything?) seems to really catch my eye. I think the other problem is that I don't have as much time to sit around and think about the nursery, what with a two-year-old running around and all.  xo, Lauren


  1. I love that floral pillow and pink rug. Maybe you can work around those two!!? Either way I know you'll make it look wonderful! Good luck! xo, Kayleigh

  2. I've started working on my daughter's room but I haven't done a thing for the new baby's room yet - maybe because we aren't finding out and I'd rather just wait to customize it some more once he/she arrives. Funny thing is, I'm not even freaking out about it (yet) - but I know i will. This is cute too! I'm eyeing up that rug for my daughter's next room.

  3. Man I love that rug!!! And I totally was super indecisive with the baby's room this time around. I chalked it up to hormones but I think I've also been exposed to so much more baby stuff by now than I was for my first nursery and there are just too many cute things out there. So excited you include my "Naps fix Everything" print! I can't wait to see it in the room which we all know will be fabulous no matter what.

  4. No matter what you come up with it will be perfect cause it will have come from love. We tend to be overly critical when we do our own kids rooms. Have fun with it.

  5. Yes, #2's nursery was harder for me too. But I think because it was due to the fact that I had seen everything done before. With #1 it was my first foray into 'nursery land' so everything was bright and shiny and new, where as #2 I'd been designing nurseries for a couple of years and had covered lots of ground!



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