Violet's Third Birthday Party

We had Violet's third birthday party this past weekend. She was old enough this year to decide what kind of party she wanted, and she requested a blue and red princess party :) I wanted to keep things pretty simple this year since I knew I'd have a one month old on my hands, so we went with some balloons and tissue paper poms, a homemade cake, and some pipe cleaner crowns:


I also snagged a cardboard play castle on Zulily with some credit a while back and the kids has a blast with it! At first the boys were more into hunting for slugs in the dirt than playing princesses (surprise surprise) but when I handed out some magic wands, they all started playing a game of bad guys and princesses and it was hilariously cute. Violet passed out from pure exhaustion immediately after the last guest left, so I'd call that a whopping success! xo, Lauren
Update: I've gotten a few requests for sources already so here you go:

"YAY" Plates: Amazon
Polka Dot Napkins: Amazon
Castle: Purchased on Zulily but you can also buy on Amazon (it's reversible - white on one side, cardboard on the other)
Tissue Balls: Poppies for Grace
Cake Stand: Shop Sweet Lulu
Wooden Star Wands: Etsy Shop PaperPolaroid
Gold No. 3 Balloon: Purchased at our local party store, but you can also find them on Amazon
Rock Candy: Purchased at our local party store, but you can also find them on Amazon

Hope that helps!


  1. More details, please! My daughter wants a princess/tinkerbelle party. Where did you get the wands? How did you make the crowns? What about the YAY letter trays (awesome!!)? Thank you so very much!

    1. Sources are now at the bottom of the post - hope that helps!

  2. I absolutely LOVE her cake and the "yay" :) looks like a lovely party!

  3. The party looks awesome!! I love the crown on the cake & the inside of it, so awesome!!



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